Do-it-Yourself (DIY) is a great technique that has been invented by some intellectuals to save your resources and even make complete use of your talent. But the only trick is to utilize these DIY techniques in the right way for fruitful results.

The best DIY techniques to make your plain walls look fabulous

So, when you are done with the interior plastering in Auckland via Professional Interior, the experts and known plasterers in the city, try these fantastic creative and amazing DIY techniques to add life to your plain walls.

  • A DIY photo collage – Photo collages are the most preferred kind of DIY activity to adorn your plain walls. Well, everybody likes to customize their rooms, and putting up your personal photographs is one of the best ways to give a bespoke finish to your room and also to create a happy memory wall. So, create a nice collage of your favorite photographs from your childhood or it might be the precious family memories or those happy pictures from your trips. Frame the pictures of your choice and arrange them aesthetically on the wall – and voila! Your designer wall is ready.
  • Flower art —You’ll find lots of creative ways to use artificial flowers as your home décor. Try your talent and create something really unique with colorful artificial flowers, or you may even stamp them on paper – whatever you make, frame it nicely and put it up on your plain-looking wall to add flower power.
  • Painted circle shelf —We are going to tell you a lovely secret of a wonderful bookshelf in your room. Just utilize your clean wall and paint a circle over it in an attractive color. You can do it by yourself or simply stick it on a circle sticker. Install some shelves on this circle and put up your books or décor pieces here. Won’t it be really amazing addition to your plain wall?
  • Basket hanging — The baskets that you once used to take to the market to shop are very much a part of the home décor trends now. Paint the baskets nicely – of course, smaller ones – and use them as wall art.
  • Abstract painting — Another really fantastic DIY technique that can beautify your plain wall nicely is abstract paint art. It has the potential to add life to any room and make it look livelier and interesting.
  • Wall murals — If you have a good hand in painting, then you can always try your luck in adorning your plain walls by utilizing your talent. Create a fantastic mural on this wall and enjoy seeing how jaws drop as people look at your artwork.

These DIY techniques are great to add a lovely touch of glamour to your plain and boring walls. Best part? Now your wall shall have your own signature stamped on it via your DIY handy work. Well, the best homes are bespoke homes!

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