Whether it is an old inherited house that you are dealing with, or it is your worn-out commercial building, an old building always shows some problems in its foundation and other parts. Especially in its electrical system, there often arise certain issues which need your attention immediately. So, if you are dealing with such a building or are contemplating its renovations, then keep in mind to never progress with the task unless you tackle all the electrical issues thoroughly!

The Most Common Problems You’ll See in an Old Building! 

Electrical safety is of utmost importance! No matter if it’s an old building or a new one. But researchers say that an old building shows more chances and risks of electrical fires and shocks than the newer ones. So, if you have one such building under your wings, then expect the below-listed issues in it. Also, don’t delay in contacting Mark Salmon Electrical in Darwin electrician will immediately come to your building and check all these issues and provide the best repair, replacement or service for the same.

  • Faulty wires and cables — Yes, we agree that wires and cables have an incredibly long life. But after some decades, the outer covering starts wearing out which can lead to many serious issues and even electrical fires.
  • Incompetency in bearing electrical loads — Naturally, the electrical system of older buildings was designed years ago! They aren’t strong enough to bear the latest appliances and load thereof. You’ll have to replace the system or alter it to make way for the additional and newer connections.
  • Old light fixtures —Though it isn’t dangerous until the fixture gives away, but an old light fixture can get heated very easily and can cause issues in the system later.
  • Faulty ground connections — If it’s an older building, the floors and foundations often experience dents and crack. This obviously affects the ground connection of your electrical system as well. This faulty or no ground connection can be a reason for many electrical shocks and fires and needs to be fixed.
  • Less outlets — Most older buildings had around 4-5 outlets or switches in a single electrical box. Today, you don’t find these sufficient even in a small kid’s room! The need to change and increase the number of switches and outlets is obvious to enjoy the comforts and conveniences.
  • An uncovered junction box — We hardly had the rule of covering the junction box previously. But today, you just can’t leave it without a cover both for aesthetic and safety purposes. So, if your old building lacks a cover on the junction box, better arrange for one immediately.
  • Aluminium wiring — Earlier aluminium wirings were used largely. But these can actually be very dangerous and lead to lots of electrical shocks and even fire. So, replacing them with copper is essential.

These problems are commonly seen in all the older buildings. But it’s not necessary that all of them would show the same problems. Just ensure to check and deal with the issues beforehand if you want to see this building safe and secure.