To leave someone else to their own child is not easy for anyone. Anyone who has a good feeling with the selected childcare can, however, change the least in the time of his absence. These tips should work.

Before Getting to Know

Before you hire a nanny, you should sniff. A visit in advance and a common walk to the playground for example make sense. Observe from the background how the care with your child handles. A babysitter certificate or many years of experience is no guarantee that the nanny will be well received by him and your child will have confidence. If the chemistry is not right, it does not work well with the care. At the beginning you could also go shopping for half an hour. What does the child tell of this time?

How Much Responsibility can the Nanny carry?

Childcare is not as easy as it seems to some. Too young care is often lacking in life experience, to act spontaneously and to decide, if it is important. After all, she has full responsibility for several hours. Listen to your gut feeling: Do you trust the power to act in doubt?


Nannies who have been provided by agencies, have often provided proof of training or a babysitting course. This has the advantage that they have learned to wrap, feed and know first aid measures. Such a “babysitter diploma” can be given to young people aged 14 and over in a multi-day seminar, a weekend or an evening course.

Checklist: This should be discussed in advance

  • How does the evening ritual usually work? When should the children go to bed?
  • Are they allowed to play TV or computer / console? If so, how long?
  • What are favorite games, cuddly toys, books or DVD’s?
  • What to do when the child wakes up? Get out of bed, drink, eat, play?
  • Does the child has health problems, is just sickly, has allergies?
  • Does it need medication? If so, which and how does it usually take it?
  • In which cases should the child care and who should call under which telephone number?
  • Prepare a note next to the phone. Likewise: the numbers of emergency service or poison emergency call.
  • Can neighbors be called for help in an emergency?
  • Should the carer take and record calls? May they tell you where you are and when you come back?

Care Financing

Perhaps you and the care will feel more comfortable, if the agreement is once again recorded in writing – decide for yourself. You can download, download or print out a sample support contract (free of charge if applicable). Among other things, this documents the scope of care, failure, payment and insurance questions. Child care courses in Perth for international students provides an exclusive range of descriptive child care courses that will help you to get prepare for some profiles such as play group assistant, child care assistant or nanny. So, sign up on our site and know more about the courses.

You need someone to pick up your child twice a week from the day care center and take care of the home. You are wondering what you should be aware of, what basic conditions you must consider, which is fundamentally important.