Do you get elbowed often by your bed partner because of your snoring? Millions suffer from this seemingly unstoppable condition. Though relief for snoring seems complicated, the cause is quite simple. Snoring occurs when your airways narrow so airflow is interrupted. When your body spends more energy trying to breathe, the tissues surrounding the airways begin to vibrate, causing those horrible snoring sounds.

The narrowing of the airways, including of the nasal passages and back of the throat, can happen due to various reasons. Some people, mostly men, are born with extra tissue on the nose and the throat that causes them to snore. Some have tissue that is highly prone to vibrating. In some, the tongue is the culprit that fall back in the mouth and obstructs airflow. You should consult with a doctor to find out what causes your snoring. Afterwards, you can consider the following possible snoring solutions.


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Lose Extra Fat around the Throat

Additional fat around the throat can have a narrowing effect on the airways due to extra added pressure. Losing this excess weight therefore helps some alleviate snoring. You will need to start exercising and eating healthy to reduce overall body weight to lose extra fat in your neck area. If you began to snore after you added a few pounds, shedding those pounds might completely eliminate the snoring.

Try a Trusted Anti-Snoring Product

You may find dozens of anti-snoring products on pharmacy shelves. Not all actually work, and only a few are backed by scientific research. If there is no risk to your health, you can try different anti-snoring products like snoring chin straps to see if they work for you. Many snoring aids work for some, but not for everyone. Most people claim that wearing mouthguards or anti-snoring oral devices help them find relief. If your snoring is not particularly severe, you can try nasal strips that dilate the nasal passageways. There is some evidence to suggest that these affordable adhesive strips work. It’s best to ask your doctor for advice before you try a new product.

Stop Drinking Night Caps

Alcohol is an infamous muscle relaxant. Drinking alcohol before bed will make it easier for the tissues in your throat region to slacken and put pressure on the airways to narrow. So, do not drink alcohol at least 4 hours before bedtime. The best solution is to avoid alcohol at all. If anything, alcohol can make snoring conditions worse. Plus, many people who frequently drink report sleeping problems so it’s best to avoid the poison.

Avoid Sleeping Pills or Sedatives with Tranquilizers

Taking medications like diazepam and lorazepam for pain or to help you sleep can actually make snoring worse. Certain sleeping pills and sedatives contain muscle relaxants, which have the same effect on your throat muscles like alcohol mentioned above. If you need to take these medications, ask your doctor to give an alternative drug that contains no muscle relaxing ingredients.

Some people also consider surgery to stop snoring. However, this is a serious decision and should only be considered after exhausting all of the solutions mentioned above.