Video cameras are a common security measure in retail stores, but they’re really a tool that just about any business should use. Whether your business has hundreds of customers coming in every day, just a few or none at all, video cameras are still an effective tool for keeping everyone in your business safe. Here are four ways that video cameras can protect you, your business, your employees and your customers.


They Help You Spot Suspicious People

Awareness can only go so far. If someone is acting suspiciously near your business, you may not notice them right away, especially if they’re trying to be discreet. You and your employees can’t keep track of everything, especially when you all have jobs to do, but monitored security cameras ensure that you have eyes everywhere.


With monitored security cameras, you’ll know what’s going on at your business at all times. If there’s anyone suspicious, you’ll have a much better chance of seeing what they’re up to and nipping any potential criminal activities, such as vandalism or theft, in the bud.


They Protect against Employee Theft

Every business owner hopes that their employees would never steal from them, and you can obviously do your part by trying to hire only the most trustworthy employees. But there’s no way you can eliminate your risk of employee theft completely. Any time money is involved, there’s the temptation to steal, and it’s important to prepare for any potential problems that can arise with your business.


Video cameras are an excellent deterrent to employee theft. Employees will be far warier about stealing when they know that their actions are being recorded. And if you do have any instances of employee theft, your recordings will be there to help you pinpoint who the culprit was and to use as evidence for any actions you take against them.


They Keep You Safe from Frivolous Lawsuits

Most people aren’t looking to scam businesses with frivolous lawsuits, but unfortunately, a small portion of them are, and you need to be prepared to deal with those people. The last thing any business needs is a slip-and-fall case or any other situations that involve being liable for potentially expensive medical bills.


Just like cameras help protect against employee theft, they also protect you from lawsuits. They discourage people from faking injuries or lying about what happened at your business because everything’s on tape already. If someone tries to sue your business, you’ll have video evidence of whatever happened, which could make the difference in how a judge and jury see the case.


They Discourage Criminal Activities

One of the biggest benefits of video cameras in your business is that they discourage any type of criminal activity. People know that they’re at a higher risk of getting caught when they’re on camera, and if someone is feeling nervous about the idea of committing a crime already, a video camera could be the deciding factor that makes them not do it.


A related benefit is that this can make your employees and customers feel safer while they’re at your business. They’ll know that the video cameras discourage crime, giving them some measure of safety and protection.


With all the ways video cameras can protect your business and everyone in it, there’s no reason to wait on setting up cameras at your business. Cameras have become more affordable than ever before, and you’ll be glad you installed cameras if you end up needing the footage later as evidence in a lawsuit or to monitor suspicious activities.