Nothing can prevent your hair from falling as you start to age out, but some remedies and treatments can help you with the bald spot, such as toupee hair.

Hair loss is a common problem amongst many individuals, yet we all know how a bald spot triggers feelings of frustration and embarrassment in one. However, with advance hair system for men, one can cater this problem without going through any surgery or similar treatment.

To regain full and healthy hair, lavivid hair have made tremendous strides on our journey. Our researches have leads to have several modern hair systems that people are proud to wear.

Why won’t hair grow?

Several reasons explain the slowdown or stop of hair growth altogether:


Hair loss for both men and women usually connects with genetics and family history. The genes for hair loss are passed down to generations and generations after, suggesting a high chance for you to develop hair loss if your parents face thinning hair.


In both men and women, age plays an evident role in hair loss. For most women, changes in their hormone levels result in hair loss. However, most men experience gradual hair thinning by the time they reach the age of 50. Around 85% of men have significantly thinner hair as they grow older.

Underactive thyroid

Disruption in the production of thyroid hormones due to impaired functioning of the thyroid causes hair loss, weight loss, and other such problems.

Slow down the process with home remedies

Are you afraid you might get bald soon? Well, some home remedies can help you save your hair from falling too fast. Note it is difficult to regrow hair naturally that you have already lost due to balding. Although you can review treatments discuss in the article later to revive natural hair looks. Home remedies for reducing thinning hair:

Scalp massage – The increased blood flow to the scalp improves hair thickness.

Aloe Vera – Conditioning of hair with Aloe vera helps in strengthening the hair.

Rosemary oil – Hair conditioning with Rosemary oil stimulates new hair growth.

If you’ve tried everything to slow down the process of hair fall, and bald spot is becoming visible day by day, the only solution is toupee hair.

What is a hair system?

Hair replacements are a risk-free and immediate solution to your hair loss problem. Lavivid hair takes pride in introduction the finest quality hand-woven synthetic or human hair, making it a perfect hair system for men. With one’s preferred method of attachment, either adhesive or tape, the base is adhered to its head using cuts and blends to make it look real and undetectable.

Define your personal looks after wearing a toupee hair to avoid nasty point-outs to your bald spot. The hairpieces deliver a charismatic and young look, making you look half your age. The hair system saves you from spending more money on buying wigs, and it easily fits within your budget range.

What’s more? Hair system for men are a perfect solution for no risk-takers, keeping you away from the side effects of hair transplantation. Make your life completely hassle-free with no long waits. If you maintain your hair systems in good condition, they might last over a year or so.

What is a hair system made of?

Modern hair systems are build using one of the two materials, either polymer or mesh fabric, to construct their bases:

Mesh Fabric

Mesh fabrics are basically made from nylon and polyester to build high-quality hairline products. The fabric is used throughout the entire hair system, delivering you a life-like and natural appearance. Although for long-term use, mesh fabric is not a feasible choice.


  • Natural and untraceable hairline.
  • Material is breathable, comfortable, and lightweight.


  •  More pricey
  •  Very delicate and less durable
  •  Frequent replacement required


Polymer is extracted from polyurethane or silicone and is used to create a material that seems similar to skin. Polymers feature robust qualities for hair restoration systems.


  • Usually expensive than meshes
  • Highly durable
  • Easy attachment


  •  Can be extremely hot and uncomfortable
  •  Looks unnatural unless you have hairline made of lace

Non-surgical Ways to Enjoy Fuller Hair

Get your full length back like before with having to go through any medical procedures:

Hair extensions

Won’t your hair grow any longer? Hair extension or wigs are certainly a good choice to style your hair. You can hire a professional hairstylist to glue or sew them into your hair for a defining look. However, for day-to-day wear, you can choose clip-in extensions which are feasible to fix even at home.

Diet tweaks

Diet always plays a role in maintaining your body health and fitness. Consuming the right blend of vitamins and mineral help with hair growth. Food rich in protein strengthens your hair, preventing them from falling. Foods that can contribute to hair growth include:

· eggs

· fish

· berries

· spinach

· Toupee Hair

Want to cover up your bald spot well, then nothing is better than a toupee. A toupee is just like a small wig that is usually worn at the crown of the scalp – the most affecting hair loss area from male pattern baldness. Toupees made with artificial or natural hair use adhesives to stick to your scalp.

Toupees are designed to look natural such that they blend in easily with your original hair, making it look like it was never affected with male pattern baldness. A toupee varies from a wig in terms of its size. A wig refers to those hair extensions that cover your entire scalp, while toupees are more like smaller hairpieces designed for affected hair loss areas.


Hair fiber sprays, also common as hair concealers, help you hide affected hair loss areas. You can spray in the hair where thinning has occurred to make it look thicker and natural.


The slow growth of your hair might have disturbed your looks. Seeing a bald spot on your scalp in the mirror, you might want to fix it. Modern hair systems, hair extensions, or other hair system for men can help you with your hair loss problem, reviving back your dashing looks

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