When decorating a home, especially a small one, it is of great importance to use every inch of the space available. This includes the odd space, like the corner space in your home which should not be left empty since there are many smart ways of how to use it. And you are on the right place to find some very useful ideas that you will love to copy.


So, let’s start with the kitchen. This is the place in your home with a bunch of utensils and gadgets that need to be organized well, so that preparing meals can go smoothly. Here you can use the corner space in various ways. For instance, instead of a regular, you can opt for a corner kitchen sink. Also, some kitchen designs can feature a corner oven. Or if this is not the case for your kitchen plan, then you can choose to add some corner drawers, or some shelves to provide an extra storage space. So, in this way you will have all of your kitchen utensils and gadgets neatly stored and organized.


Moving to the bathroom, you can fill an empty corner space with a corner bathtub. Corner bathtubs are perfect for small bathrooms, so that you can get extra space in the middle for moving around. Or just like in the kitchen, you can also have a corner sink in the bathroom. And of course, corner shelves are always in for placing some towels, toiletries or other bathroom accessories.

Living Room

The odd corner space in the living room can be used in many possible ways. For instance, this could be the spot for placing some decorations, like floor lamp or some flower pot or it can be made more functional by adding some corner shelves, a corner fireplace, or even a corner sofa. It will all depend on your living room plan as well as on your taste.


Corner shelves will do wonders in the bedroom too. They can even be an alternative to a nightstand if added on the wall close to the bed. So, you won’t have to worry of where to place your smartphone when sleeping or maybe a glass of water, in case you wake up thirsty.  The corner space in your bedroom can be also turned into a cozy reading nook, by adding some swinging chair, where you can relax with a good book.

Under The Stairs

And of course, we cannot forget about the tiny space under the stairs. This odd corner can be perfect for a reading nook. Add a comfortable bench, some extra pillows and a lamp and you have the perfect spot for reading a good book. Or you can have your home office set under the stairs. Add a desk and a chair, a lamp and some shelves and your favorite working place is ready for you.



The corner space in your hallway can be used well too. Some extra shelves can be added for storing your shoes. Or you can set some corner bench there, where you can sit comfortably to put on your shoes.

To sum up, using the corner space in your home well, provides you with extra space for moving around, so that even the tiniest home can look neat and organized. The above ideas are just some of the many possible to get inspired from and hopefully you will try to copy them. Make sure to combine the above ideas with other tips for making a small space look bigger, like choosing space-saving furniture, adding bigger windows as well as choosing a light color scheme.