Modifying cars isn’t just about adding gadgets to the vehicle. Car modification is a lifestyle and a hobby for many. It is fun to be able to tinker with the way a car looks and drives, and there is a big industry centered around this hobby. Billions are spent on car mods every year.

Unfortunately, modified cars are more expensive to insure. The extra gadgets and mods added to the car are seen as added risks by the insurance companies. To get the best insurance deal and be a smart customer, here are the things you need to know about insuring your modified car.

List the Mods

Always be truthful about the modifications you made to your car when applying for a new insurance policy or renewing your existing one. Not listing the modifications can actually lead to the insurance policy being nullified in the event of an accident.

Listing all the mods also gives you the best coverage. Since the insurance company knows about the modifications made to the car, your compensation amount will also cover the modifications. You don’t have to bear additional financial risks yourself just because you love modifying car as a hobby.


Always take the time to compare insurance deals from multiple companies, even when you are renewing your existing policy. While renewing an existing car insurance policy is usually the most cost-effective option on the market, other insurance companies may offer better deals in an attempt to win your business.

Comparing insurance deals also give you a clearer view of the market. It is not a secret that some insurance companies are friendlier to modified cars than the others. You may be able to get a stunning deal with the right car and modifications.

Choose Your Mods

Speaking of the right modifications, not all car mods inflate your car insurance premium by a large margin. Changing the exhaust system, for instance, is much friendlier to your next insurance premium than adding a turbocharger to the engine.

The same can be said for body kits and spoilers. Wide-body conversion is a nightmare for your insurance premium, but spoilers and small additions are actually fine.

Some mods will even lower your insurance premium. Updated brakes and suspensions should not affect your car insurance premium by much. You can turn to top sites like Speed Final for reviews and additional tips and tricks.

Watch the Gadgets

Speed isn’t the only factor that increases your insurance premium. The value of the mods matters too. When you add an expensive entertainment system and big speakers to the car, you are looking at a substantial addition to your risk factor.

Gadgets that connects directly to the car’s computer system are even more expensive to insure simply because they pose a risk of damaging the entire electrical system of the car too. Think twice and do your research before adding extra gadgets to the car, especially third-party tech.

With these tips in mind, you can safely modify your car without having to worry about an insurance premium hike. Mod the car wisely, and you can even lower your insurance premium by a small margin.