Hello, Kalyan again. Today, I thought of writing something on this blog, then suddenly, I remembered of a blog which I created long ago. Unfortunately, I could not follow up with the blog and it was left out in the cold. But, thankfully, my ‘neglected’ blog does exist till today thanks to Google & blogger.com. Though the post is old, but I believe what was written there still holds good. You can read the complete article in the following paragraph. Please let us know with your comments. Here the article goes….

There are a number of times in our lives when we come across very small things, which we tend to ignore. We think they are of no value and continue to chase after a big thing, don’t we? But, do we ever consider that a tiny happiness can be worth a million? No, generally we don’t. In our busy life, we run after a dignity that, we think, can be attained only through success. We run faster and faster to achieve that success.

But, do we really stop after attaining that success? No; why? Because we set another goal for us to realize and again continue to run after that goal. How boring our life has become because of this! A good student is taught that what means to his life is success and only after this, he can relax. He is not allowed to play with his friends as playing can affect his study negatively and hence, hamper his way to attain the desired success. He studies hard, burns the midnight oil just to rank higher in his exams. He does fare good in the exam and then? He smiles a little, throws a party with his friends, his parents become proud of their son and then? Again, the chase begins. He sets his new goal that, he thinks, he has to better his performance in his next exam and accordingly tries harder to realize that. His days and nights become alike. He has no Christmas, no Dewali, no Holi, and no Idd. Just “study and study” is left for him. His parents too stand by him; in fact, they force him to think so. They stamp his mind with a thought that success is all that matters in life. He, by degrees, becomes a body without a soul, a life full of activities but no merriment, no enjoyment and eventually, at the fag end of his life, he introspects that he has missed Enjoy Lifea lot. When he sees small kids playing with other kids, when people enjoy any religious or national festivals, or when some boys or girls talk to each other hand in hand, party one another, he finds himself lost in it. He aspires to get it but alas! his prime time has passed and nature no longer allows him to do so.

He is an aged person now. He does not know what love is; what life is; and what enjoyment of life with love is. Hence, I would request those good and dedicated students and others who may be very sincere and very versed in their respective fields, but fight shy of smiling and enjoyment of life, to look up from your books and see the world around. If you smile, nothing will be at jeopardy. You can still achieve success by enjoying your life.

Hang around and see how nice this world is. Look for small things, which give immense pleasure. Treasure them and relive them later when you are aged. Enjoy your prime time to the fullest. It is the time to have knowledge, not only the bookish ones, but the real societal and behavioral knowledge. Talk to others and have pleasure in this. Collect those small pieces of happiness that you may get on your way to success. Do not look down upon them. They do matter. They do make our lives complete. You will never repent of missing them when you cannot actually have them.

Image credit: Flickr