If you are living in an apartment, such as an apartment from Corporate Habitat, you might be happy with your current living arrangement overall. However, one thing that you might miss from living in a larger home of your own is the fact that it can be tough to decorate your space for the holidays. After all, you might have limited space for putting out decorations, and additionally, you might not know where you would store them during the off-season. Luckily, following a few tips can help you dress up your apartment for the holidays so that you can get in the holiday spirit and spread a bit of cheer to anyone who visits.


Use Flowers and Plants

Flowers and plants are great for as holiday decorations, and they don’t require a whole lot of space. For example, poinsettias are beautiful to display during the Christmas season, or you can purchase a pre-cut and pre-arranged seasonal bouquet of flowers from a flower shop or grocery store and put them in a nice vase on your countertop or in your entryway. This is a quick way to add a bit of seasonal color and cheer to your apartment, and it doesn’t cost much, take much time, or take up a lot of your limited space. You might also consider getting longer lasting plants and decorate them for each holiday or season. Either way, keeping plants indoors can help increase humidity in the dry, cold months, purify the air, and even boost the overall mood of your home!


Swap Out Your Linens

Another easy way to decorate is to swap out your linens with different colors for each season. During the fall months, for example, you may want to add throw blankets and pillows to your furniture in shades of brown, red and orange. For the Christmas season, you can add cozy red and green blankets, throw pillows. These items can add tons of coziness and cheer, and they can be folded up and tucked away under the bed or on the top shelf of a closet when they aren’t in use. Curtains can also be changed out very easily to provide some extra flair. Not only will the curtains look great inside and out, they’ll provide your windows with some energy saving insulation during both hot and cold months and may even pay for themselves over time.


Use Smaller-Sized Decorations

Just because you want to decorate for the holidays does not mean that you need a full-size Christmas tree. You can purchase a tabletop-sized Christmas tree, either real or artificial, to decorate your home, for example. There are also other miniature holiday decorations to be found at many stores and online. Many stores offer small ornaments for offices or desktops, if not apartments specifically, so before you assume that you won’t be able to fit any decorations into your apartment, consider checking out your options.


There are so many great ways to dress your apartment up for the holidays with ease. Give these tips a try, and your limited space won’t get in the way of you enjoying a bit of holiday cheer!