Many people believe that there is nothing much to do with a limited amount of space. We beg to differ. The key to creating a small and comfy haven is in trying to use the space you have to your advantage. There are many different ways on how you can refurbish and design your outdoor space in a way it will accommodate your needs. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, we have prepared a couple of innovative ideas on how to create a small garden suitable for your needs and desires. These are some of the tips you could use to create your own little piece of heaven.

Modern Design

One of the best solutions when it comes to a smaller garden space is opting for a modern approach. Contemporary garden design is a good choice because it focuses its attention on architecture rather than on the actual plant life in the garden. This means going for a minimalistic design, choosing bold lines and colors, modern furniture and proper lighting. This is a great look if you have a limited amount of space as it does not require many unnecessary furniture or decoration.

Jungle Mania

On the other hand, if you prefer to create a lively surrounding full of color and different details, it is better to opt for a somewhat more natural look. This can be easily accomplished by choosing various plants like smaller trees, colorful flowers or even adding some fruits and vegetables. The diversity of plant life will give a special vibe to the complete space and make it more enjoyable.



Another great idea for smaller gardens is to focus your attention on the details and decoration. This way you can create a place that is not only pleasant to residue in but also a place that is pleasant to the eye. The best way to do this is to add a water fountain or even a pond, a bird house or a couple of sculptures. Potted plants are a great addition to this kind of place, positioned on winding gravel or cobbled paths.

Colors and Lighting

The best way to add life to your garden space is by the right usage of colors and lighting. Picking the right shades and light can create an illusion of a much larger space than it actually is. Also, the colors you pick can greatly contribute to the complete ambient and vibe of the garden. Use lively and vivid colors to achieve that joyful and cheerful vibe. Darker tones and dim lighting are better suited for those minimalistic and modern garden designs.

Use the Space You Have

Depending on what you have available, recreating a garden space does not necessary have to be positioned in your backyard. You can easily transform your old shed or garage into a garden space. Also, adding a patio or a gazebo is a great step towards a new relaxing space in your home. Other than that, if you live in an apartment, there are a lot of urban garden designs you could use to your advantage. Make use of your balcony or even rearrange the roof of your building into a small oasis.

There is no limit to imagination. This said, it is really important to keep in mind that with just a pinch of effort and inspiration you will be able to rearrange any space into your own personal haven of peace and solitude. Do not be afraid to experiment with different designs and styles as only this way will you be able to create something new and suitable for yourself.