With exams finished, teenagers across the world can now relax and enjoy the latter part of the summer, but after a couple of weeks hanging around the house it can get a little boring to say the least. Time away from school or college can often lead your parents pushing you to make the most of your time, and whilst there is plenty of socializing to be done it might be a good idea to maximize your time by trying out something new. This guide has been put together with young adults in mind to help you find something that both you and your parents will approve of.

Learning to DJ

A great way of learning a new skill over the summer months whilst having an amazing time is through learning to DJ. Workshops run throughout the summer and you can always find an evening class if you want to continue learning when the new term starts. An experienced DJ can help you grasp the basics, something that will impress friends and family alike. Learn to mix your favorite tunes and if you do it well enough, it could even be something you can make an income out of in years to come.Skills for Teenagers to Acquire

Read up on a Topic of Interest

To a certain extent, when it comes to school there will often be times when you need to read upon topics that don’t exactly excite you in order to pass those all-important exams. This can often mean that you don’t have time to really explore other topics that really do interest you; from the history of modern music to cult film, there are a plethora of books out there you can take a look at to learn a little more about a subject of interest. Joining the local library means you don’t have to spend a fortune on books and you can also take advantage of the music and DVDs, they have available to rent.

Dressmaking Classes

This may not seem like the most exciting of ways to spend a summer but just take a moment to think about what learning this skill could mean for you.  As a fashion lover, you can often find those amazing dresses are perhaps a little (or a lot) out of your price range; the ability to create clothes means you can soon have a wardrobe full of unique designs tailored to your shape at a fraction of the cost. Find out about your nearest dressmaking class and see what you can achieve by taking a few classes.

Look for Amazing Work Experience

Working during the summer can seem a little dull, especially if there are no financial rewards at the end of it, but it is worth considering a week or two’s work experience. Whether you have just finished your GCSES or your A levels, it is worth sending some emails to those dream companies and see if they are able to take you on for work experience. Doing this for a week or so will not only please your parents, it will also look fantastic on your CV and help enormously when it comes to university applications.

If you are struggling to think of ways to spend the summer other than meeting up with friends, make this break a productive one by finding out a little bit more about one of these suggested activities to gain an invaluable and impressive skill.

Sophie works alongside UDM DJ and is in the process of helping her brother find the right DJ equipment so he can continue practicing at home after his DJ taster sessions.