Are you planning on going mattress-shopping anytime soon? Buying a mattress may seem like a daunting task for some people. This could be true especially when you do not do your homework before going to the store to pick one up.

There seem to be so many options nowadays. You would have to decide where to get a mattress from. Aside from that, you are faced with choosing the mattress itself, out of the many options available to you.

Luckily, we have a few tips on hand to help you pick out the best mattress.  After all, you are about to make an investment. We don’t want you to lose both money and sleep.

Tip #1:  Do Your Homework

First, it is important to remember to arm yourself with information before buying. Keep this in mind: an informed choice is a wise choice.

Take it from experience. Aside from your own mattress at home, you may have slept on a friend’s guest bedroom, or at a hotel. How was it for you? Did you wake up feeling energized or were you sore all over? It is important to take note of the type, or at least the brand, of mattresses you have slept on. This will help narrow down your choices and make the entire process of purchasing a mattress a breeze.

It may also help to ask family and friends for suggestions regarding what type of mattress they believe is the most comfortable. More often than not, you would get a consensus on a type or brand of mattress that people like the most.

Another person to ask prior to taking out the cash on a new mattress is your doctor. If you wake up feeling sore on your current mattress, ask your doctor as to which one would be the right one for your next purchase.

Tip #2:  Spend Wisely

The next tip we have is for you to spend money wisely. The most expensive mattresses are not necessarily the best ones. Buying a mattress is a highly personal experience, especially since you will have to spend night after night sleeping on it.

Some manufacturers may use gimmicks as a ploy to get people to buy their mattresses. You can’t blame them for that. It’s a marketing strategy. However, be wise enough not to fall for the gimmickry. Some manufacturers may claim that their product is orthopedic or that it is medically-approved, only for you to find out that there is little to no credible research to back up these claims.

Additionally, you’ll save a lot if you keep an eye out for sales. Most manufacturers often offer sizable discounts before releasing newer versions of their mattresses. Waiting out for sales such as these will help you get a better mattress than you would have originally bought if you did not wait just a little bit longer.

It would also be good to set a budget so as not to overspend. This would also help you to not shortchange yourself only for you to end up getting a cheap mattress that you will not feel comfortable sleeping on. Researching mattress stores, whether physical stores or online, would also help give you a picture of which ones provide the best brands at the most competitive prices. Buying a mattress from a store that specializes in them would be ideal, as they are such a large investment.

Tip #3: Take It for a Spin

Our third tip would be to try potential mattresses out before you actually make the purchase. Sure, it may look comfortable, but it makes all the difference when you actually lie down on it. It would be even better to do this with your partner if you are a couple looking to buy a mattress together. Both of you should feel comfortable laying down on it, not just either one of you.

You should spend a lot of time in the store, as it is recommended to try each serious contender out for at least 15 minutes to get a good feel of it. It is also important to test new mattresses at home. It may feel comfortable in the store, but this may be affected by different factors such as the bed frame and the pillows being used.

If you are planning on buying a mattress online, look for reviews. You will find that most people are honest about giving their opinions on products. You may have to wade through a lot of reviews but it is to your advantage. You are making an investment, after all.

Tip #4:  Consider the Features

For the fourth tip, we recommend considering all the benefits and special features a mattress has to offer. While some mattresses bank solely on their softness or firmness, others may have also invested in add-ons that would add to the overall comfort when using it.

For example, an adjustable bed would be a great option for those with discomfort on their lower back. Elevating your head and knees will relieve pressure in these areas and put you in the optimal position to enjoy activities such as reading or watching your favorite show on the television.

On the flip side, not everyone needs these special features. For instance, a lighter, thinner person will not need a pillow top mattress, as they do not weigh enough to compress the foam and much more the springs of the mattress that they sleep on every night.

Weigh the pros and cons of every mattress. This will greatly help you in the decision-making process. Mattresses do not come cheap. If you’re going to shell out cash to get a new one, make sure it is worth your money.

Tip #5:  Consider the Warranties and Guarantees

Our next tip would be to read the fine print that comes with the mattress that you are planning on buying. Each store will have different policies regarding warranties and comfort guarantees so it is important to read each one before confirming your purchase. You should ask how many days, months, or years the guarantee lasts. You should also ask if you are required to pay for the shipping of the mattress, as this would cost a significant amount if it is not covered by the store.

Tip #6:  Purchasing Add-Ons

Lastly, we would recommend for you to purchase useful add-ons that would keep your mattress as comfortable for as long as possible. For example, a waterproof mattress protector would protect your purchase from stains that could potentially void its warranty. It would also be wise to buy pillows and blankets from the same manufacturer, or even from the same line, if need be, to ensure maximum comfort in every night of sleep you are getting from your new mattress.

There’s a lot of available information on the Internet. Read up on them and there’s a high chance of you finding the answers to your questions. Be patient, be inquisitive, and take the challenge with an open mind.

Hopefully, the tips we have here will help you make the right purchase. We hope that these will help make the task of purchasing a mattress much less daunting than it needs to be.