You can start reusing your plant pots when you are trying to build your garden, add to your collection, and make your garden more diverse.  You might have rested a couple old plant pots when you were growing in your garden, and you can actually turn your plant pots into a few fun things that you can use around the house and out in the garden.  Each of the steps below gives you a much more functional home that is far easier to live in because you have made use of all the things at your disposal.

  1. Earth Scorer

Pure Greens LLC has some recommendations for people who are growing in their garden every day because they know that a lot of the pots from the garden will be left over.  Most of these little pots and containers are made from plastic, and you can reuse them pretty easily because they can be turned into an earth scorer.  Cut the bottom off the pot, use it to measure how much space you need for a new plant, and dig out the area that is needed for that plant.

  1. Bug Residence

You can make a little bug residence that is perfect for bugs to hang out so that they are not eating your plants.  You will find that you can much more easily get the results that you want when you are using these pots because they are durable.  Slide a bunch of small dowels or sticks into the pot so that it is completely full.  The bugs have a place to go, and they can start to next in there.  You can tie a little twine around the outside of the pot, and you could hang it somewhere that is far off and away from the plants.  This means that the bugs have a home while you do not have them eating your flowers all the time.

  1. Use a Pot as a Harvesting Trug

Large pots make a handy container for harvesting vegetables. The drainage holes at the base of the pot allow for quick and easy cleaning of your fresh produce. Just place the vegetables into the container then blast them with a jet of water to loosen and remove engrained dirt. They’re now ready for the kitchen.

  1. Get Crafty

Thoroughly scrub old pots clean then leave them to dry. They’re now ready to paint or decorate.

You can paint pots using non-toxic paints to prevent tainting any crops you plan to grow in them, or add textures by gluing on materials such as burlap or hessian, rope, or cloth. You can theme your pots to suit your taste. Add shells, beads or even mosaic pieces to create a snazzy pot that’s unique to you.

  1. Twine Dispenser For The Garden

The twine dispenser for the garden that you have made is just the pot repurposed to give you an easy way to tug down on the twine.  When this is the case, you need to be sure that you have used the twine dispenser as a way to get more work done in the garden because it is easier for you to use.  You could make one that is very small from a very small pot, or you could make a much larger dispenser when you have a much larger pot.  It all depends on your needs and what you think would be best in your garden.

  1. Use a Pot as a Planting Guide

Need to pot on a plant into a larger container? Then use an empty pot as a planting guide.

Add some potting soil to the new container. Place an empty pot the same size as the original one into the middle of the container then continue to fill around it. Remove the pot to leave a ready-made hole. Take your plant out of its old pot, tease out the roots if necessary, then plant into position. Firm it in and water it.


The garden that you have built for yourself can be repurposed many times over using the pots that you see listed above.  The pots become fun little things that you use around the garden to get a lot more done, and you could continue to make these pots into many other things that are exciting.  Each pot you use should always have a home of some sort in your garden.