Electric shaver can be used either for dry shaving or wet shaving. Ensure you follow the right steps and also have good shaver in order to shave efficiently. It is however, advisable not to shave in case you have acne on your skin to avoid further irritation.

  1. Get the best electric shaver

Buy the best shaver for the task. You can decide between the foil and rotary shaver. Also depending on what you want you can get a wet electric shaver, that is, if you have no issue using the shaver gels and cream together with the time consumed while applying them before shaving. Otherwise there is a dry shave which doesn’t require you to use cream as a pre-shaver. Be sure to check My Best Shaver for review.

  1. Prepare your face for shaving

Before you shave your beard, ensure you wash your face with warm water and a gentle cleanser using a clean facial towel. This makes your skin soft for easier shaving.

For wet shaving, dry your face and apply a shaving cream or gel. This helps to lubricate your skin making it easier for the razor to cut the hair efficiently. It also helps in making the flat-lying hair to stand straight for effective shaving.

For dry shaving, apply a powder on your skin as a pre-shave to avoid making the skin wet. Keep in mind for dry shaving your skin need to be as dry as possible.

  1. Ensure your shaver is fully charged

In order to have a clean and smooth shave, always ensure your shaver battery is 100% charged. Many will argue that the shaver will still function well even if it’s not fully charged, but speaking from an experience there is quite a difference and you also save some time while using the fully charged shaver.

  1. Clean your shaver after use

Make sure to always clean your razor well with warm water or the by using the automatic shaver cleaning. Also lubricate the razor and the foil more often to ensure it doesn’t heat up when being used. You can also invest on spray cleaners which are more effective on ensuring your razor is thoroughly cleaned and also for the longer lifespan of the blade.

  1. Replace the blades once in a while.

Replace your worn out blade once in a year or two depending on the type of the shaver you have and how well your shaver is maintained. Always replace with the blades that are recommended by the manufacturer.

  1. Know how to shave

Learn how to use any specific type of shaver machine you have to ensure clean shave. If you’re using a particular shaver for the first time, do not ignore its manual. Different shavers are used differently.

Cutting your beard is one way of maintaining good grooming and if it’s well done, it feels good and more attractive. You should always ensure you follow the above tips to avoid cutting your skin or worse getting it infected.

Electric shavers have managed to acquire widespread recognition all across the globe. They are known for being exceptionally convenient and user-friendly. However, prior to choosing one among the many options available, make sure to conduct a comprehensive research and take necessary aspects such as price as well as maintenance requirements into account.