For years, cattle owners have been managing their herds on pen and paper. But with the increase in technology, computer programs have started to allow cattle owners the ability to manage their herds in a more effective way. Their adaptation of these software programs has led to better and more informed decision making. But many ranchers are still hesitant to move their old system over or even start managing their herd at all.Here are just some of the reasons why effective cow ranch management is a necessity.

1. You can’t manage what you don’t measure

Keeping numbers on each cow helps make better decisions. With reductions to herd numbers becoming increasingly common, it is important that owners are using actual numbers to make their culling decisions, instead of simple visual appearance.

2. Be ready in case of emergency

The case for software and cattle management was solidified in 2011 when there was one of the worst droughts in history. Having software that had tracked numbers would have helped the decision making process significantly during this difficult time. For example, a cow ranch in Texas who used software to track their herd would know quickly which animals to sell and which to keep, based on numbers, instead of guesswork.

3. You can track sales better

By keeping track of where sales are coming from, owners are able to make more informed decisions about which breeders are best for their herd. Knowing specifically where profits come from is essential to know where to focus your business to continue to grow profits in this area. Tracking sales effectively with software is also beneficial when tax season arrives.

4. Do more of what you love

Cattle owners generally prefer to be out with their animals instead of inside running their business. With streamlined software, it is easier to do the administrative work in the field on a tablet or laptop instead of going through papers and trying to decipher handwriting back in the office.

5. It makes work with third parties easier

Very few businesses, such as accountants, veterinarians or consultants understand the record keeping ways of the ranching industry. With software, having all information in one place helps these third party vendors to sort through the data and find what they need to do their jobs effectively.

6. You can keep accurate records

The quality and accuracy that software programs provide make it difficult to miscalculate numbers and figures when it comes time to make a decision. Keeping quality records on hand make things easier and more accurate.

Software is changing the way this industry does business, and with a very short setup time, your property can be run more effectively online, giving you more time to spend in the pasture.

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