There are some iconic trends the fashion world loves going back to. Fashion that never went outdated and are returning fashion trends for men. Love fashion that shapes and define your personality. Here are six of the best fashion trends for men:

1. The polo neck

This versatile piece is a classic which has drifted in and out of fashion over the years. A great way to make yourself stand out is by wearing it under a shirt. Avoid choosing a polo neck which is too thick, for obvious reasons. Also on the smart side, the polo neck can be worn under a jacket or blazer. If you are putting a pocket square in, opt for one in a tone close to that of the polo neck. Finally, to achieve a more casual appearance, pair your polo neck up with a leather jacket in a color with which it contrasts well. For example, a blue polo neck with a brown jacket create and make a great combination.

2. Double-breasted tailoring

A trend that has returned to the world of mens fashion time and again, a double-breasted blazer is a great way to update your style. Casual or smart, it can be dressed up or down. Wear it with jeans and a bold T-shirt for a more laid-back look, or with tailored trousers and a crisp shirt for the office. Go for a jacket which is fitted around the waist and six buttons (or four if you are slightly shorter) as this gives more proportion to your body.

3. Military

The military style has always strongly influenced mens fashion. Camouflage makes a great statement and can be worked into your look in various ways. Be more discreet with a camouflage tie, bag or shoes, or go all out with a shirt or trousers. Trousers look particularly good with a double-breasted blazer. Another take on the military look is olive green or khaki, always a winner. Why not go for a double-breasted overcoat in olive to make a real impression?

4. Denim

A firm favorite of the casual wardrobe, this iconic trend can also be smartened up. Worn under chunky knitwear or even with a suit and tie, a denim shirt can be the height of chic. For a more sophisticated look, go for darker, almost purple tones rather than the lighter, stone-wash blue denim. Also don’t forget the accessory: a bold tie or a pocket square will accentuate your denim style to perfection. Trousers such as chinos in natural or earthy colors should complement your shirt best.

5. Leather

Everyone knows girls love bad boys. And what better way to achieve that classic ‘bad boy’ look than with a stylish leather jacket? The key here is subtlety. While there are many variations of this trend on the market, often going for the most classic style is the best option. Go for a jacket in black, brown or tan, with a zip for the biker look or a double-breasted one with buttons. For smart occasions, wear with a white shirt, black tie and trousers. Alternatively, dress down with jeans and T-shirt, or denim shirt and chinos.

6. The baseball cap

Another casual classic popular since the 1950s, the baseball cap does not have to be kept within the realm of sport. It can be adapted to suit a variety of occasions and styles. Smarter versions exist which can be paired with anything from relaxed trousers and sweatshirts to military and leather jackets. It’s best to choose fairly neutral colors such as black, grey or olive green and always go for a monotone cap rather than the traditional emblazoned type. An exception to this rule is camouflage, which creates a great military look.

baseball cap

With a few staple pieces in your wardrobe, you can create a variety of stylish, timeless looks. Experiment with different looks and you will really be the height of fashion!

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