Shoes are the most loved accessories of every woman. Each one of us has tens and hundreds of pairs of shoes in our closets. Shoe shopping gives women the same pleasure that men get from watching sports on television. It is therapeutic and the best way to remain stylish. Apart from your outfit, your shoe is the first thing that the onlookers notice in you. So, spending your money on shoes is not at all a bad thing.

But, what kind of shoes must you buy? With the market full of strange looking shoes in all shapes and colours, there are some must have shoes that you should buy for yourself. Here is a list –

Pumps –

They are classy and they are stylish, a pair of pumps can make you look beautiful any day, any occasion. If you are going out on a date, to your office or to a meeting, you can always wear your pumps that will make you look like a confident and beautiful lady. Black pumps are suitable for all kinds of outfits, but you can also play with colours according to your outfits.

Classic black heels –

Nothing can beat the good old black heels when it comes to elegance. If you are on a romantic candle light dinner or a formal party, you can look like a stunner with a formal gown or a party dress and wear your high heels black shoes. Black shoes go well with most of the coloured outfits and it also makes its own classic style statement. You can get the best black heels at Versace jeans online shopping.

Ankle strap sandals –

They are the hot favourites among the young girls. The sandals are flat or heeled, with straps at the ankles. They go well with jeans, casual pants, palazzo pants and skirts. The sandals can also be matched with dresses. They are good for casual outings, formal events and parties.

Boots –

You must own at least one set of boots. The boots are winter essentials and can be used on daily basis during snow, rain and cold. They will keep your feet warm and are comfy. They also are stylish and look good when paired with jeans or skirts. You get knee length boots and ankle length boots. You can buy either of them according to your convenience.

Loafers –

For a lazy day out, you can wear loafers. There a variety of loafers, casual ones and formal ones. They go well with suits and formal wears. They can also be matched with a pair of jeans or cotton pants. Loafers are the best shoes when you are out shopping or for movies.

Sneakers –

The sneakers are your saviours when you are travelling. You cannot wear heels while you are hitchhiking or trekking. So, you must wear a pair of sneakers when you are walking long distances or participating in an adventure. Make sure you choose comfortable sneakers that go well with your casual wear.

When it comes to shoes, make sure you buy only the right size and fit. You can shop for the best shoes at Versace jeans wear.