Whether you’re new to smoking weed or a seasoned expert, there’ll always be times when you’d ask for an easier session. Of course, grinding weed nugs, picking them on glowtrays, and rolling the papers are some tasks that need efforts. And typically, you cannot skip these parts.

However, there are some ways that can improve your experience and simplify your weed time. Or maybe, let’s just say, enhance your experience overall.

1 Go For Best Rolling Trays

Let’s admit, rolling joints can be a lot messy unless you use something to collect the lint and kief that falls below. The market is full of varieties of best rolling trays. You can choose a glowing tray from Kushingtothelimit or a plain one as per your desire and budget. Having a rolling tray can make things a lot easier, and of course, cleaner as well.

2 Boost Flavors With Terpenes

Traditionally, people had weed and hash to smoke up, but in time, enthusiasts have come with their creatively infused flavors. Today, there are a number of concentrates and terpene waxes available in the market, ranging from highly potent ones to delightfully flavored ones.

3 Make A Fruit Bong

Have you ever tried smoking up a bong? If yes, you may already be familiar with how bongs can enhance the smoking experience. But, this is not just any bong. It’s a fruit bong. All you need to do is cut out a bowl in any fruit, say an apple, and dig up a passage within the fruit, leading to a mouthpiece. And voila, your fruit bong is ready. Enjoy fresh and fruity flavors in your freshly carved fruit bong.

4 Hotbox Sessions Can Be Great

There aren’t many smoking enthusiasts unaware of what a hotbox is. Perhaps, any room can be made into a hotbox when filled with smoke. But, you can take it a step further and enjoy your hotbox sessions in unusual places like your car, or outhouse. Just make sure that the place is fireproof, or at least is equipped with firefighting equipment adequately.

5 Choosing Flavored Rolling Papers

A lot of differences in your weed sessions can be brought about by the choice of rolling paper. You must already be aware that there are virgin rolling papers, then there are bleached rolling papers, and then there are cigarette papers. But chances are, you might not be aware of the flavored rolling papers that are available in the market. Well, you can choose one and improve the flavors of your ordinary weed nugs. Ain’t it great!

6 Smoking The Moon Rocks

Moon rocks are a delicious phenomenon that can make you experience something entirely out of this world. Well, they are easy to make. All you need is some good quality weed nugs, a syrupy hash oil, some keef, and a rolling tray, of course. You’ll need to dip your buds in the oil and then cover them with the kief. Make sure that you choose preferably, Indica-dominant weed varieties, as they are usually more likely to develop rocky textures. And there you have your moon rocks!

7 Puff It When It Is Virgin

Out of all, the best way would be to go virgin on your weed. Well, it means, smoking up your weed without mixing it with tobacco or any other herbs, for that matter. Just, pure cannabis flavors!

So, are you ready to take your weed experience to the next level? Let us know in the comments section, how you plan to improve your weed sessions.