The one common thing that we find in any living room is the sofa. Living room sofa comes in so many variations, types, colors and sizes, everyone have sofa in their living room according to their life-style and living room requirements. Some like to have 2A2 corner sofa, some are in fond of having fabric sofas and some like to have leather sofa in their living room.Picture6

As we know that leather sofa is the expensive sofas but some material such as faux leather are affordable than real leather. Sofa is the practical piece of furniture, which is the main reason of why too many retailers sell them and so many of us buy them.

Sofa Decoration

Sofa decoration is also requiring more attention, as this is the focal point of living room. Without sofa decoration it is impossible to decorate a pretty cool living room. Here in this article I am going to mention some tips of decorating your faux leather sofa, such as Carrera which is one of the cheap leather sofas. These types of cheap leather sofas are made from faux leather and offer durability and style to with better comfort as a result.

Color Combination and Selection

If you have dark leather sofas, then you need to select light colors on the walls and other surfaces. If your sofa is in dark brown color select a rich blue saturated color for the walls and cream color carpet that will complement the living room decoration. All these colors are the exact match for contemporary living room. Select dark brown color for the fireplace which complements the fire color when burn and give a very pretty cool look the fireplace area and make it attractive too.


Other Furniture of the Living Room

It is better to buy each piece of living room furniture separately instead of a complete living room set. Different style makes the living room more elegant, adorable and luxurious. Choose other furniture items such as table, stools, chairs and TV trolley with contrast to the leather sofas. If your sofa is in dark color choose other items also in some dark color and vice versa.

Create More Fun

Have fun with some other interior decoration tips given below. Check out the entire and pick some effective according to your living room design.

  • Create more fun and attraction into your living room by adding some colourful curtains with contrast to the living room furniture and walls color.
  • Install some light color bulbs and lighting in the corner and near the sofa of your living room.
  • Keep some fabric cushions at the floor above the carpet.
  • Give attraction with some fabric patterns ottomans.
  • Add some pillow and cushion with seven different color above your sofa (cheap leather sofas).


Living Room Safety Tips for Babies

  • Plants can be poisonous if ingested. Keep out of reach of babies and toddlers.
  • Protect your baby from all hard corners such as table edges and fireplace hearths.
  • Use a quality fire screen to prevent baby from getting too close to the fire.
  • Try to keep away all tools and woods out of baby reaches.


Author’s Bio

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