When there is a problem with your home, we bet you immediately start searching through your contacts for the local repair man. But, actually if you stopped and thought for a moment, you might be able to fix the issue yourself. Particularly, if it is a simple repair job that you are making more complicated in your head. Here are some of the repairs that you can do, and there will be no need to call in the experts.

A Clogged Toilet

At the very least, you will be saving yourself from seeing the look of disdain on the plumbers face, after you tell him why he was called. Besides, a blocked toilet is not a problem without a home solution. We suggest you a buy a plunger – you can find them fairly cheap online – or a grabber. Approach the toilet with caution and take a deep breath. We imagine the smell might have built up in there by this point. Pull the rubber end of the plunger out. and fill the toilet bowl with some extra water. This will help with the pressure you are about to cause. Next push down in a one, two motion. Be careful how much pressure you put on it though. After that, the blockage should be removed. If not, then it might be time to call in the experts.

A Leaky Faucet

Not a major problem we grant you, but it can get quite annoying. Particularly, if the troublesome tap is near your bedroom. The first step is to turn off the water valves in your house, to avoid getting wet. Next get a bucket and put it underneath the u-curve. You will find this located underneath your sink. There are two plastic screws on either side of the U. Unscrew them with a spanner and pull the U free. Water will pour out at this point so be ready with the bucket. Your problem will typically be a worn out washer. Replace the washer and screw the U back on. On rare occasions, you will have to replace the entire U-section of the pipe.

A Hole In A Garage Door

A bit trickier this one, but it can be done with the right equipment. You will need some fiberglass supplies, soap, paint, sandpaper and a primer. Your first step is to clean off the mess around the hole with soap and water. Then you want to use the sandpaper to make it nice and smooth. After that, cut a piece of fiberglass for the size of the hole. Once you have done this mix it up the resin and other supplies, you have bought in a container and apply to the fiberglass. Fix it across the damaged area and wait twenty-four hours for it to stick. Congratulations, you have fixed your garage door without any help. You just need to sand it down again to get rid of any overlying pieces.

You see, even jobs that seem quite difficult are simple once you get down to the basic process. Remember, if you are having any issues, there are lots of helpful DIY guides online to browse over.