The car is a valuable assets a car owner owns. A car provides comfort and ease to move, the sense of pride and convenience to move anywhere is simply great. There are enough reasons that define the importance of a car. The car owner must provide extra care and proper maintenance to ensure the good performance and efficiency of the vehicle. But certain negligence, can damage the vehicle. It is necessary to develop a good car care practice at an early stage. A proper maintenance can save the car owner from heavy repairing and maintenance cost afterwards. Many drivers develop certain habits which they consider helpful but actually do harm to the vehicle.

Here are certain ways with which most of the car owners are ruining their vehicle without even knowing it.

1. Forgetting To Change the Oil

The engine has metal pistons with round metal rings that slide up and down inside the metal cylinder. If oil is not maintained, the metal-on-metal rubbing can eventually lead to some major issues. The vehicle requires routine oil change to ensure quality performance.

2. Not slowing down for speed bumps or avoiding potholes

Driving fast, hitting up the speed bumps and carelessly running over the potholes might damage the shock, suspension and wheel alignment of the vehicle. The damage caused can cost a fair amount to the car owner and will also degrade the car’s quality and performance level. If the steering wheel on your car vibrates when you’re driving on the highway, chances are the wheel alignment of the vehicle is screwed up.

3. Pressure washing the engine

Power washing is a big no-no for modern technology engine. Force jets of water pass rubber seals and into the sensitive electronics that are fitted to all modern, computer-controlled engines.  Excess moisture can short-out electrical parts, cause intermittent malfunctions. One must stop power washing their new cars.

4. Driving with improperly inflated tires

Not only improperly inflated tires are unsafe, they eventually cause damage to the car. Make sure the tires are not over or under inflated by checking the air pressure regularly with a manual tire pressure gauge.

5. Neglecting regular maintenance

Continuous neglecting the scheduled car maintenance can lead to poor car performance. During the car maintenance, the thorough inspection of the car is processed with fluid changes for vehicle safety, performance, and longevity. Regular maintenance can help avoid uncertain car performance and repeated repair cost.

6. Not flushing coolant

Engines get really hot, and the coolant system is set up to keep the car from overheating. If you never flush your system or attempt to refill it with just water, you will likely end up with a clog, rust, or worse.

The improper handling of the vehicle will not only add repairing cost but will also degrade the market value of a car. Most of the car title loans lender inspects the vehicle to decide its market value and the loan amount to be sanctioned is completely dependent on the condition and performance of the vehicle. So if in future you make up your mind to put your car on sale with such damage, one cannot receive a good resale value and cannot even apply for loan against his car. So it is better to provide proper car care maintenance and save thousands of dollars.