Changing a job is like a hobby for most Americans. By the time they retire, Americans switch jobs 12 times. You can change jobs for one reason or another. Promotions come in handy when it comes to job changes. If you find someone who rewards your talent better than your current employer, rationality says you should move on.

However, some people want a different career path in life. Whatever they are doing today is simply not rewarding. Even a promotion will not make them feel interested. They simply want something else in life. When such a thing happens, it is a good time to make a switch. Here are more signs that you could benefit from a career change.

Feeling trapped and stuck

If nothing seems worthy to you at your current job, you are draining yourself. The feeling of isolation, loneliness, and lack of drive can affect your health. Do you see more freedom out there than you see in your current job? Are you jealous of ‘rock stars’ out there? It may not be what your parents, spouse, or friends have to approve of; it can be something that you would want to try.

Nothing about the job excites you

If everything to you is just routine and work; if you only do it for a living; if you can’t help but imagine yourself elsewhere; or simply don’t care what you do and how you do it, a change can help. Naturally, you should feel excited about certain aspects of your work. You should also have happy and fulfilling moments. If you replace them with nonchalance, that is a recipe for trouble. You might be the next one in line for the cull.

A toxic workplace

Organizational culture should get the best out of you. If it is sapping your energy, there could be a problem. Is your boss or colleagues making you feel unwanted and useless? Do they promote destructive competition? You will be better off alone out there if you are in such an environment. You will most likely hate the profession that you have nurtured over a lifetime.

A city plumbing inspector can decide to quit office politics to join swimming pool contractors San Diego. Sometimes, peace and satisfaction come before stature and class.

You don’t see a future there

The only way to remain faithful to a career is by buying into the vision of the company. Can you fulfill your dreams and aspirations in this company? Do you think your chosen profession will help you achieve your future goals? If you have answered the two questions in the negative, you are a good candidate for a career change. We live once; there is no rehearsal. You cannot allow time to run out before you start pursuing something you care about deeply.

Indifference and apathy

If your problem is with the core of the job, not the environment, you are staring down a career that you will live to regret. If your weekends don’t come sooner than you expect, something is not working. Have you discovered that what you thought was a great career is not fitting? Millennials want to disrupt. If they have a great idea, the boss has to listen. If your elevator pitches to your boss are seen as a nuisance, maybe you are pushing an immovable rock.


Personal gratification in a job or career should empower you to carry on. Sometimes you don’t feel as if the job is worthwhile. If it becomes part of you, a career change could benefit you. However, before making the switch, prepare. You should be sure of what you are doing. Hating your boss or colleague happens all the time, and it is not a reason to change your career.