It’s difficult for you to follow a fashion trend, especially if you know it doesn’t suit you. Some of them might be perfect for the people you know, but you can’t imagine yourself following those trends.

If you have this type of mentality, it’s a good thing. It means that you know your personality and you don’t follow the mob just because something is popular.

However, you also need to give these trends a shot at some point. It’s not because others are doing them, but because of the possibility that you might look good doing it.

For instance, if growing a beard is becoming a trend, it’s worth trying. It looks awkward and uncomfortable, but it could be the right style for you. If you’re in a management position, you will command more attention when you have a beard. Just make sure you use beard products so that the beard grows well, and it stays smooth. Apart from growing a beard, there are other fashion trends worth trying. These are the signs that you need to give them a shot.

You feel comfortable 

Check the trend first to see if it would be comfortable for you. Don’t dismiss it right away. Imagine yourself wearing it. If you think you will look fascinating in what you’re going to wear, it might be worth trying. It’s also worth it if the trend is already close to your current style. You won’t have to adjust a lot and look like a fool.

It’s suitable for the workplace

Some trends look great and are worth trying, but are only for casual occasions. You have to be careful wearing them at work since you could be violating company policies. Make sure you check your employee handbook first to know if the trend is allowed or not.

Your friends already tried the trend

You know your friends well, and they might even have a similar attitude to you. If they gave the fashion trend a shot, it means that they found something in it that they didn’t mind trying it. They also wrestled with the idea, just like you, but the final decision was to try it out. Since your friends already took it a step further, you can do what they did.

You can afford it

When there’s a trend that might cost you a lot, it’s not worth trying. You don’t want to splurge on something that might not look good on you. However, if a fashion trend is within your budget, you could try it out. You might even enjoy it.

It will stay

A large number of fashion trends remain relevant only for a very short time period. Now trying something like that is simply a waste of money. You should conduct a research and see if the trend has the capability to retain its popularity for long, at least a year or so.

Fashion always changes. Trends also come and go. They even make comebacks. Therefore, it’s okay if you keep trying different things. You can go with the flow or go against it.

The point is that you should be comfortable with what you wear, and not feel awkward. It also helps to keep mixing up your style, so you remain an exciting person. With your fashion choices, the people around you will feel excited to see you.