Calling all fashionistas! Your hobby can also be your side job. While keeping up with the latest fashions may be a bit pricey, you can earn extra money for more clothes by putting your exquisite tastes to the bank.


Whether your talents include writing, marketing, or selling, you can make extra bucks and enjoy your love of fashion. Read on to find our tips and tricks to make fashion jobs our side hustle.


1. Sell Your Own Clothes!

If you’re a fashion enthusiast, you probably have some unwanted clothes in your closet. Look to selling your apparel online or at home! Many online sales stores will immediately list your shirts, shoes, and dresses at the price you require.


When you have downtime on the weekends, why not host a rummage sale? You can easily sell your clothes in the comfort of your own home. Many yard sale fanatics search their neighborhoods every week to find a great deal. The best part is making your own price to deal your hand me downs!


2. Join Marketing Groups on Social Networks

There have been so many pop up fashion markets in the recent years. Companies selling contemporary lines such as Lularoe outfits are a hit for fashionistas of all ages. As long as you have a social media following, you can present your products to a wide audience.


Social media sites allow you to invite your entire group to peruse selections and revel in the merchandise. Picture a shopping gallery of your favorite styles and share with your friends! Don’t forget to hashtag your #fashionsense.


3. Look to Product Reviews In Your Spare Time

An easy Google search will lead you to finding companies that need reviews for products. Sometime, they even send you a full outfit to return if you don’t like the fit!


Many sites require surveys to qualify for product reviews but these are usually quick and painless. You’re sure not to waste time writing reviews on your off days and hopefully snagging some clothing in the process.


4. Consider a Part Time Job

When you need extra cash on the holidays, plenty of stores hire for part time associates. Fashion is passion and you can use your skills to help around Christmas and help clueless shoppers know which way to go.


Many storefronts need dedicated workers for a few hours and a few times a week. Simply check in with your local retailer and see if they’re hiring.


5. Be Independent With Your Choices

If you unwind with blogging and posting on social media, you can easily grab followers and sponsorship deals from companies. Pick out the latest brands as well as vintage classics and snap a pic of you wearing the outfit of the day.


It’s important to keep your social media public to gain followers and interests from brands. Really into that local store? Send them a pic of your latest purchase and watch the ‘likes’ roll in!


Make Your Hobby Your Fashion!

Treat your hobbies the same way you treat your interests – with love and passion! Choose to spend your downtime wisely and spend the extra time gaining money for your style interests.


No matter your downtime, you can certainly benefit from a part time job in fashion. Go easy on yourself and look to your own schedule to see what’s right for you. It just takes a few clicks and a stylish wardrobe to present your business to the public.


Treat yourself to high-quality fashion and earn funds to buy more! Feel free to shop with ease and grab yourself some spending money in the meantime.