Photography is an art form and storytelling medium. It can, in fact, often do the job of relating information better than just about anything else. However, being a photographer isn’t necessarily easy and not every portfolio is effective. If you don’t do it well and present your photos correctly to clients, you can certainly fail. Unfortunately, even if you have an impeccable eye and great photographs, poor presentation will ward clients away. Below are some tips for making sure your present your talent as best as possible.

Use High Resolution and Color Depth

If you want to attract clients as a photographer, you obviously don’t want to be printing those photos off a printer in your office. Instead, you should be aiming for extremely high resolution photos with good color depth to give them the most lifelike presentation possible. Work with a high quality photo printing service to accomplish this. You can work with them to establish how exactly you want your photos to look, giving them both a professional and a personal touch. That way, your photos will look lifelike and really pop.

Use Professional Lighting

How you create the shot for your photos matters as well. Without professional lighting, photos can look drab and lifeless. Natural lighting doesn’t always cooperate the way you want it to, and regular indoor lighting is unlikely to do the trick either. Instead, invest in some studio lighting and professional photography lighting equipment. It can make a huge difference and breathe real life into your portfolio.

Distribute Digital Copies of Your Portfolio

Having high quality printed photos look at can make a big difference. However, today, most people work in digital workspaces. Also distribute digital copies of your portfolio as well. The digital copies can be in even higher resolution than your printed photos. The client will be able to zoom in and examine all the minor details. You can distribute the digital portfolio via your website. Though not as professional, your Instagram account can also act as a miniature portfolio. In both ways, having a place where people can browse your photos to get a sense of your style is essential to promoting your work.

Include Good Variation in Your Portfolio

How your portfolio is built also matters a great deal. Include a good amount of variation. Include both commercial work and more artistic photos. Include both black and white and color photos. Include both portraits and landscapes. In short, including a diversity in style and subject in your portfolio can help ensure you reach as many clients as possible. Even if your typical clientele is weddings and family photo shoots, a diversity of style can show your flexibility and flair.

There are no minor details in professional photography. Everything matters from the stock you use to the lighting. Those details can make or break a sale. Make sure to put a lot of effort into showcasing your photography in the best way possible and you are certain to find a robust client base. Give your photos the beautiful presentation they deserve.