images (1)Shower screens are an amazing solution for bathrooms that don’t have much space. The se-through solution not only looks luxurious and glamorous but it also gives the space the sense of width and depth. Your bathroom with have a modernized and high-end appearance anyone could only wish for!

Since a frameless shower screen is self-supported, you need just a small amount of hardware to connect the panels. With limited hardware, there is no pain of trying to match the metal type to your bathroom’s other fixtures. Basically, with this type of shower, your styling options are limitless.  The fixture option is not only easy to clean but it is as well a hygienic option as the glass is a nonporous material, hence you’ll be dealing with no growth of bacteria or germs.

Frameless Shower Screen Designs

The Euroglide Inline Frameless Shower Screen

Has a contemporary styling combined with unique operating features.

The two stainless steel rollers slide to permit entry. The classic pivot door will be replaced with the sliding feature which saves space.

The Euroglide Corner Frameless Shower Screen

This model is designed for corner shower spaces and has three panels but it provides the same entry alternative.

A Fixed Panel Frameless Shower Screen

This is probably the best design choice for a simple bathroom layout. This option will be attached to just one side of your shower wall as it does not have hinges.

The Fix and Swing option is by far the best frameless glass shower screen design for when your shower and bathtub are combined.Tranquil


If you are looking to have a wall-to-wall showers built in, the Inline Slider Frameless Screen is a good choice. With this option, there is only one sliding door entrance that opens easily.


Consider installing a Corner Hinged Frameless Shower Screen if you’re planning a bathroom renovation because it features two side panels that are placed in the corner of your bathroom.

Corner Slider Frameless Shower is the perfect option for a small bathroom space.


Options and Accessories 

Good accessorize is always there to add that special vibe to a space and same goes for bathrooms, in a form of shelves. You can choose among curved, rectangular or triangular shaped ones.

Shower shelves are handy for storing body scrubbing equipment, soap and shampoo.


Proper maintenance is one of the key aspects of any good looking bathroom, especially when it comes to glass surfaces as they stain incredibly easy. So, always review maintenance requirements of a shower screen before purchasing it. Keep in mind that any bathroom accumulates grime and debris that you need to clean regularly for both health and appearances reasons. Your bathroom will be looking elegant and will stay in a good working order only if you leave some time aside for its maintaining.


With such delicate things as installing a shower, you are strongly advised to hire professionals to do the job. They have the expertise and knowledge in installing a frameless shower screen and you won’t have to worry whether it will be put in properly. Before ordering the product’s glass and hinges, a professional crew will measure the length and width of the shower space, so everything will fit perfectly. To avoid any damage, they will also check your walls for piping before starting the install.


There are two options for attaching a frameless shower screen – it can be attached to a tile or shower base. Once you order your shower screen, it should be in place within 10 to 14 days.

“A professional installation crew will make sure everything is done professionally, properly and in time which is why customers are advised to consider hiring help with this type of work”, say experts in bathroom renovations  Sydney.

How much will a Frameless Shower Screen Cost?

Depending on the size of your bathroom and type of shower screen you are going for, the cost for a frameless shower screen ranges from $900 to $2,800. The type of glass also affects the cost. Since frameless shower screens are made out of thicker glass comparing to the framed versions, they require precise manufacturing and special installation hardware which is why their price is higher.

Whichever option you choose, make sure it’s just what fits your idea of a good looking bathroom and enjoy it!