In this article, we’ll tell you exactly why you should upgrade your home or business to LEDs. Have a look below to get an idea of all the glam you get from LEDs.

They Are Efficient

LEDs are always the most energy-efficient source of lighting energy. This simply means that 80% of the energy that is supplied to the device is converted to light, while the remaining 20% is lost and converted into heat. Whereas, the efficiency of a general incandescent lamp or bulb is at 5-10% level. In reality, only that quantity of supplied energy is converted to light which you get.LED lights can be positioned anywhere on your garden or driveway as a fantastic feature for your property.

Long-Lasting of Luminous Lighting

This is among the greatest benefits of LED lights. LEDs have a high work efficiency and thus can run for up to 10 years. This, when compared to halogen lamps, the service life lasts less than two years. For example, LED bulbs operating 12 hours per day will easily last for about 15 years, and only after this period, you will be thinking of replacing the light source for a newer one. Accordingly, frequent switching on and off has absolutely no negative impact on the service life. However, this is not the case with normal fluorescent lighting. You would damage them if frequent switching on and off is repeated.

Bump and Temperature Resistant

In contrast to traditional lighting, the advantage of LED lighting is that it does not contain any type of filaments or glass elements, which are always very sensitive to blows and bumps. What happens in the construction of high quality LED lighting is, superior-quality plastics and aluminum parts are used. This is the main reason that LEDs are durable and resistant to low temperatures and mild bumps.

Heat transfer 

LEDs when compared to traditional lighting, can generate small amounts of heat due to their high performance. This energy production is processed and converted into light, sometimes upto 90%, which mostly allows direct human contact with the source of LED lighting without any exposure to burn even after a long time of its work. However, when the old type of lighting is used, it may sometimes burn and catch fire due to the highly sensitive filaments that heat up to several hundred degrees. This is another reason to believe that LED illumination is more favorable for all sorts of temperature and usage.

Environment Friendly 

The major advantage of LED lighting is also the fact that LEDs do not contain any toxic materials such as mercury. They also contribute to the energy-saving criteria and are 100% recyclable. Carbon dioxide emissions are reduced in the process.

Color Is Customisable 

In LED technology, illumination light color change is made possible by some of the greatest scientists. Some of the basic colors are perhaps white, red and green, but with today’s technology, we can get any color we want on our LEDs. Some of the lighting systems are so advanced that we can change the color of them with just a click from our remote.