Should I buy a vape pen? Isn’t that the question revolving in your mind since the day you started vaping? You have already discovered the unique satisfaction of vaping through desktop vapes or other such devices. But the growing popularity of vape pens is something that is bugging your mind! It’s not without a reason that all the vapers are getting attracted towards vape pens, its popularity being on the rise with each passing day, and the companies are inventing new ones every now and then! 

When it comes to jumping from desktop ones or other vaping devices to vape pens, it’s important to know that – the crux — they’re all in some ways related to vaping weeds or e-liquids (and nothing more than that). If you are expecting a huge transformation in taste and feel, compared to what you felt while turning from smoking to vaping, it’s nothing like that. It’s just that vape pens enhance your vaping experience in a totally different manner, and has its own positive sides (just as other vaping devices have).

Why should you opt for vape pens?

The origin of vape pens has been just like other vaping devices, that is to make smoking a habit of the past, and to create a unique experience of vaping. Even vape pens are considered as a great alternative to smoking. You shall get varieties of all kinds, brands and budgets when you go to Buy Vape Pen in NZ from VapeMate, which is the best destination to get all the amazing vape pens under one roof along with other vaping essentials too. Read below some of the reasons as to why should you go to purchase one!

  • Vape pens are versatile The vape pens of any brand and any budget has this one thing in common — it’s portable! You can carry it wherever you want easily perched in your pockets. You won’t irritate others around you with its size, or in other words you can say — it wouldn’t acquire much of a space on your office desk. You can use it on the go and enjoy a delicious experience of vaping anywhere you want!
  • Vape pens aren’t at all harmfulWhen you vape through vape pens, you automatically stop after your e-liquid gets over. That means you aren’t vaping constantly. On the contrary, when you vape through a desktop, the liquid or weed lasts longer in it, and since it’s stationed in a place, you are tempted to use it as long as you are sitting near it. Also, as said above, vape pens, though feel like a cigarette, aren’t so in reality, and therefore are far safer than cigarettes.
  • Vape ensures the potency of the herbs As compared to smoking, where in the final butt is really strange to taste, vape pens taste uniformly good right from the first puff till the last one. And when considering other heavier vape devices, there are more chances of weeds and e-liquids getting burnt after some time due to continuous burning of coil. Whereas, in a vape pen, the potency and the taste of your flavour remains constant throughout.
  • Vape pens cause rich vapor The ultimate satisfaction of vaping depends upon the kind of vapours you exhale. When you use the traditional method of vaping with weeds, the vapor that comes out are relatively thin and non satisfactory. While when you use vape pens, you are directly vaporizing those active ingredients of the herb which are present in the cartridge (in the form of weed or e-liquid) — so you draw a hit every time.
  • Vape pens are cost effective Most of you are happy with your present vaping devices (no matter how large or inconvenient they are) because of the money that would go into buying alternatives. But vape pens are worth the investment. This device can be used for a longer time and saves you other expenditures (like buying e-liquids etc. separately since most vape pens come pre-filled). 

Other than these, vape pens have been proved better than most of the other vaping devices in many other ways. Their battery life stays longer than the others, and also, it’s much easier to use than other devices (making it the best choice for beginners). The replaceable and refillable factor of its parts makes it all the more enticing. So, now better not waste time and get your vape pen immediately!