Shoes play a very essential role along with the outfit. Wearing the right footwear can make them look better and wearing the wrong one can break the look easily. Hence if one wants to appear stylish then they must have the right shoes in their wardrobe. Before looking to buy shoes online in India one needs to be clear about what styles they must include in their wardrobe so that their outfit always looks aesthetically elevated.


Like many kinds of dress, shoes Brogue was considered to be a far more utilitarian shoe than what one wears regularly. But also brogue can be worn at formal occasions and even at some black-tie events. Black brogues can work best with a suit. But one must keep a thing in mind that, if it is more brogue then it is less formal.

Suede Chukka

This has come back to popularity in the past few years. They look minimal and have a round toe, ankle-high booth look with at least 2 to 3 lacing eyelets. They traditionally feature just 2 panels and they have no big embellishments on them. When looking for men’s shoes online in India if one goes for a suede pair of chukkas then one must avoid those which come with over-the-top trimmings. One can opt for a pair of chukkas that have cream or tan suede because they are not only casual but also look elegant. One can easily pair them up with a Polo shirt and a pair of chinos or jeans. This style is mostly considered as the alternative to sneakers. One can also flaunt sports jackets and chukka together to make a style statement.

Leather Boot

The best thing about a leather boot is that it can be worn for a long time. They must be added to everyone’s winter wardrobe. A pair of ankle-high dark brown or black leather boots can be worn with both formal and casual get-ups. They always give one a kind of conservative yet classy look. A look that can never go wrong.

White Low Top Trainer

When looking for shoes online in India if one wants something more casual then it is better to opt for simple white low-top trainers. They look perfect when they are styled with black jeans and they together form a monochromatic look. This is perfect for a neat look at a brunch party.


This shoe style is perfectly casual, and it is low and lace-free. Loafers are perfect for wearing during the summer months and they go well with casual dresses. One can get them in many complementary tones like beige, white, nude brown, and even green. One can also get neutral tones of loafers which completely go well with tanned skin.


They were originally designed as a plain leather shoe but over the years it has evolved and now, they are available with a lot of detailing and a broad range of fabrics. Black oxfords are perfect for any formal occasion, but the designed ones are for a more casual and party look.

To buy shoes online India, one must find out whether they want to buy formal pairs or casual ones. When it comes to casual styles, sneakers and crocs can also fit the bill perfectly.