The Christmas season is all about giving. However, it’s the kind of giving that can and should go beyond buying presents. While those are a great way to spread joy, there’s a much more lasting kind of joy. In fact, you can bring yourself everlasting joy, and that’s through adopting a child. Here are four reasons to consider adopting this Christmas.

Grow Your Family

In order to spread love within your family, you should expand it as much as possible. Whether it’s just you and your spouse or the two of you, plus other children that you have, you might want to expand the love as much as possible. Bringing an adopted child is a great way to bring more love into your family through a new member. They’ll quickly become a cherished member of your family.

Remember the Season

The meaning of Christmas is easily forgotten, but we can remember it through the right actions. Christmas, at its core, is still a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. His birth is a time for love and appreciation, particularly for the miracle of new life. By adopting a child, you can show just how much you cherish Jesus and his hope for the world. There’s no gift that will be able to match the gift of a child for Christmas.

Give Hope

There’s an old story about a boy on a beach, throwing starfish that had washed up on shore back into the ocean. When confronted and told that he couldn’t save them all, the boy grabbed one, threw it in the water, and said “I saved that one”. Adoption is an incredible way to give a new chance to a child who might otherwise not have one. Many children are waiting to be adopted in foster homes and orphanages. Like the boy with the starfish, you might not be able to adopt every child. You will, however, certainly be able to make a profound difference in the life of one.

It’s important to not only think of the good that you will do to a child you adopt. Remember that doing good to others also blesses and enriches your own life. Adding a child to your family will give you someone you can love, and who will love you in return. It’s something that almost anyone could benefit from.

Show Love

If you have a loving heart, you need to show it. By adopting a child, you’re demonstrating just how much care is within you. You are taking the time to give a home and love to a child. It’s an absolutely incredible feeling and it will only grow inside you as they grow up. While they’re growing up, you’ll be doing plenty of growing up yourself.

Christmas is when we celebrate the birth of the most loving man ever to walk the Earth. While you can share your love and light without adopting, choosing to influence a child’s life in this way is one of the greatest gifts you can give back to the one who gave you everything. Adopting a child isn’t the right choice for everyone, but if it’s something that could be right for you then don’t hesitate. Contact an adoption agency like A Child’s Dream and give a child the greatest gift this Christmas.