Gardening doesn’t have to cost a fortune. All the perfect garden needs is a bit of knowledge and a lot of love and care. But it seems like it is easier said than done. With summer looming, you want the perfect garden but don’t know how to do it on a budget, right? Just follow the seven tips below and your garden will be the talk of the neighbourhood for all the right reasons.


Get Free Advice

Not all professionals charge for their ‘expert’ opinion. In fact, some of the most reputable gardening organisations will give you advice on how to fix your garden for free. For example, if you get in touch with the Royal Horticultural Society they can give you a guide to growing a vegetable patch or what colour scheme goes best with your patio. Plus, there is a wealth of knowledge on the internet and in books so get down to your local library.

Buy Seeds

Seeds are far cheaper than the finished article. Obviously you have to take more care when you are growing plants from seeds, but the result will be the same as if you purchased it from your local supermarket. You can also sow biennial seeds like foxgloves and hollyhocks that will flower again the year after.

Save Them For Next Year

Don’t use all your seeds at once. You don’t need to plant that many seeds at once. For one thing, you might not have enough room in your garden, but you definitely won’t have the time to keep up with the maintenance. Seal the rest of the seeds in foil and store them in a cool, dry place for the next time around.

Pick Up Cuttings

Flowers like Fuchsias will strike again from cuttings, so if you have plants like them pick the cuttings up off the floor and sow them again. It is straightforward scrounging, but it is well worth it if you are on a strict budget.

Second-hand Equipment

Gardening equipment is without a doubt the most expensive facet of gardening. Gardening tools make your life ten times easier and it is almost impossible to renovate a garden without them. Unfortunately, suppliers know that and they reflect it in the price. But, there is a way. Buy gardening equipment second-hand to save a fortune. The quality is still high, especially if they are only a few years old, and most equipment will last forever, figuratively speaking. It’s a no-brainer.

Go To Discount Stores

Or, if you don’t want someone’s cast offs, get down to the discount store and see if you can spot a bargain. From time to time, there is a little gem that has been slashed to half price or the price has been considerably lowered.

Hire A Pro

It sounds like the last thing you would want to do, but professionals can be a cheaper option than doing it yourself. If you are a novice, there is a chance that you could get it wrong, which will end up costing you in the end. Unlike when you do it yourself, with professionals like JCB Designscapes you get quoted a price that doesn’t fluctuate.

Plus, pros will get the job done far quicker so you have to factor in time-saving and how much easier it is for you not to worry about the garden for a change.