Before buying a gun safe, there are various factors you should consider. First of all, it is worth to look at different features which determine the reliability of the gun safe you choose. Some features are a must-have for any quality gun safe and knowing them will help you know what you should look for when making your purchase. This article will highlight seven of these features to help you make the right choice: –

7 features of best quality gun safe

  1. Size

The size of a gun safe really matters and it will be good to buy one that is at least bigger than your guns. This allows you to have enough room in case you buy additional guns in future. Choosing a big safe will help save on extra, unnecessary costs in future if you were to add an extra firearm in your arsenal.

  1. Fire resistant

Quality gun safes are fire resistant which means they should withstand the force of fire for a long time. However, fire resistant safes are a little bit costly but this comes with some added advantages for you as a buyer.

  1. Positive burglary rating

One of the main purposes of owning a gun safe is to keep your firearm away from burglars. As such, your safe must be hard to break in which means it should have a sturdy construction which is hard to drill through or split. Some steel constructions can be broken into easily and as such you should look for the right gauge with 8-gauge still and above being the most ideal.

  1. Waterproof

Water can destroy your firearm easily and as such, you should store it in a gun safe that isn’t capable of easily allowing water inside. The best gun safe is one that does not allow water instead even if there are floods or water spillage.

  1. Ease of access

Quality gun safes should not only be secure but also easy to use when you want to access your gun. This makes it easy for you to open the safe if you need to use the gun as a matter of emergency without compromising its safety. Whether you are using a floor safe or a wall-mounted safe, make sure it is easy for you to operate without any hassles.

  1. Lock

The kind of a lock used on the gun safe really does determine its quality. You should look for a lock that gives you a guarantee of safety while at the same time making it hard for someone else to violate. You can choose a safe with an electronic lock or key lock but this really depends with your needs and preference. However, electronic locks are better as they allow you to open using a fingerprint scanner or keypad.

  1. Alarms

A quality gun safe should have an alarm which alerts you in case someone tries to gain access to the storage without your permission. This not only helps keep you safe in case a burglar is trying to steal your firearm while at the same time keeping your children safe in case they try something cheeky.    An alarm helps you know when someone tries to illegally gain access to the gun.

You might also want a gun safe that has a dehumidifier as it helps keep your firearm in good condition. Some of the high end gun safes are a bit costly but you can always count on them to help keep your weapon safe and in perfect condition no matter what happens.