China is perhaps one of those Asiatic countries that have lately managed to earn incredible popularity all across the globe as a travel destination. Starting from an enriching history to exclusive traditions and customs, colorful festivals and wondrous tourist attractions, there are plenty of reasons for which an increasing number of people are undertaking a trip here. Apart from all the stated aspects, scrumptious Chinese cuisine has also effectually contributed to the popularity of the said nation.

In this write-up, I have chalked down names of some desserts that tourists must try when in China. Readers out there requested to buy some time and take a close look at the below-mentioned pointers.

  • Prepared with brown sugar and glutinous rice, sticky cakes can surely make everyone drool. This delicious dish can either be eaten for breakfast or served as an afternoon snack and is consumed in large quantities during the Lunar or Chinese New Year because it can bring prosperity as well as good luck.
  • Water chestnut cake is known for having a soft texture and translucent appearance. Famous as a dim sum dish, the prepared confection is cut into small pieces and pan-friend prior to serving. The dish is specifically famous in Hong Kong and also eaten during the New Year symbolizing affluence and rising fortunes.
  • Apart from being noted as a dessert, Dragon’s Beard Candy is also famous as a traditional art form, which originated during the reign of Han Dynasty. Made with spun sugar, the sweet is extremely sticky and bears close resemblance to candy floss. Sold generally at the street food stalls, this dish could certainly melt your heart.
  • Pumpkin pancakes are exceptionally delectable that you must try while enjoying a luxury China tour. Made with mashed pumpkin, flour, and sugar; one can easily enhance the texture as well as taste by adding roasted sesame. The sweet is readily available in the Sichuan-style restaurants are generally enjoyed during the winter season.
  • Although infamous for its strong smell, Durian is a popular fruit in China. If you do wish to step out of your comfort zone and tantalize your taste buds a bit, make sure to this dish. The top-notch restaurants are known for deep frying this fruit after dipping it in a creamy batter. Better not to touch the dish with bare hands as one would then not be able to get rid of the pungent odor.
  • Crystal Cake was first introduced by the Song Dynasty about 800 years ago and it has still somehow managed to retain its popularity in China. The confection is known for having glittery and translucent appearance. The outer crust is made of starch, flour, and oil while the filling is a combination of powdered sugar, fruits, rock candies, lard, and nuts.
  • Your trip to China would simply remain incomplete if you forget to taste the auspicious Moon Cake. The confection is specifically made and consumed to celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival here. The crust is made of various flours, vegetable oil, and lard while the filling usually consists of lotus bean or red bean paste.

From the above discussion, it could be fairly concluded that China can not only impress the nature lovers and adventure seekers but also fulfill the cravings of the sweet tooth.