Your business space is as much a marketing tool as anything else. The way your business looks on the inside speak to both your customers and to your employees. For the former, it’s an advertisement of quality. For the latter, it’s a note on how the company feels about its employees. If you want to satisfy everyone, you’ll need a space that both looks and feels great. Below are three things you can do to make your space look better.

Work on a Color Scheme

One great way to show the world that your business is serious is to pay attention to the color scheme. For the average business, this means making sure that your furniture, artwork, walls, and carpets aren’t a strange mish-mash of colors. For businesses who are looking to do a bit more, this means making sure that all of the colors are on-brand and serve to help make the business a worthwhile place to visit. Take some time to make sure that all of your decoration works in concert with the color scheme you have chosen.

On the other hand, be careful not to go overboard. If your company colors are screaming out from all corners of the office, you’ve gone too far. Especially for brighter colors, consider using the company colors as the main accent colors over neutral tones. You can make a room or two look vibrant, but too much vibrant color can project a lack of sophistication.

Choose the Right Furniture

Quality furnishings make a huge difference for businesses. Think about your lobby for a moment. Does it look like the kind of place you want to spend time? Does it look comfortable and well-appointed or does it look like you want to rush customers out as soon as possible? Either way, you’re sending a message with the furniture you choose. If you don’t have the time or ability to choose furniture well, you might want to hire a service to do so for you. A professional’s eye might make your business space both look and feel a bit more pleasant for all involved.

Your choices, however, should differ for public spaces and private work spaces. The furniture used in common and public areas should be welcoming and comfortable. Workspace furniture needs to be very durable, effective, and professional. But, and this is very important, it does not have to be uncomfortable. Find ergonomic furniture and furnishings that are comfortable for employees to use every day. Uncomfortable chairs can cause a morale, productivity, and back problems. Keep your employees in mind when you order your chairs.

Make it Your Own

Finally, you’ll want to add the accent touches that make the space your own. It’s always a good idea to keep branded signage and materials around, of course, but try to decorate in a way that makes the entire space pleasant. Look for accent pieces that make your business look like it’s connected to the community. Look for framed maps of the city, old pictures of the building, even photographs of your original location. Your space should look like it has always belonged to your business.

Pay attention to the colors and furnishing of your space while making sure that the area looks like one in which your business has always belonged. With a little extra work and an eye for fine details, you can make any space more aesthetically pleasing.

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