Plan home improvement by all means but make sure you include security doors in your plans. These days security of your home is more important than ever with increasing number of break-ins and burglaries being reported. According to surveys 34% burglars target the front door because it is the easiest way to enter a home in less than 10 minutes. Security doors act as the perfect foil besides providing other benefits.

From the outside, a security door looks like any other door, but the structure and construction is quite different.

  • The frame is an integral part of the door and it is made of extra heavy gauge reinforced steel with facility to fix hinges to support the heavy door leaf. In addition, the frame is designed to have no gaps that would allow burglars to insert tools to force open the hinges. When you consider this type of door as part of home improvement process it is always better to select frame mounted rather than flush mounted because the latter is less secure. In the well designed security door frame you will find that hinges are not welded but are attached with a Z-bar to allow adjustment.
  • The door construction is important. The best security doors are made of steel that is at least 1.5 to 2 mm thick with steel plate reinforcement inside and filled with insulating material. The exterior may be powder coated or finished to resemble grained wood finish. The sides may be triple rebated for better shock proof properties and sound insulation besides resisting attempts to pry open the door or drill through. At the minimum, the thickness of the door assembly is 50 mm and extremely secure doors may be 100 mm thick.
  • Instead of a single deadbolt security doors typically employ a number of protective roll pins along the edge in addition to a security lock. These dead bolts should ideally be separated from the lock and should extend into the frame. However, you may find doors with top and bottom lock points connected to the main points and some doors have as many as 12 to 13 lock points that include side, top and main lock points to prevent forced entry.

It is not necessary that the doors should be of steel sheet construction. Security door manufacturers offer choices by way of wood veneer covered doors, strong grill type framed doors with 24 gauge perforated steel mesh and thick toughened glass. Patio security doors may be made of steel frame with stainless steel woven mesh that allows light and air yet keeps out insects. At the extreme level, there are security doors that one can use in areas with gale force winds or security doors that are fire resistant and bullet proof.

Is it worth the investment?

If you live in a high-risk neighbourhood, you definitely need security doors to protect your home. Even otherwise, high-security doors bring added benefits such as:

  • Better acoustic insulation properties
  • Better heat insulation properties
  • A better aesthetic look to your house
  • Peace of mind knowing that the door will deter burglars or frustrate their attempts to break in should you choose to go on a vacation.

Security doors, like other doors, are available in different types. To sum it up, select a door with thick steel sheet construction over wood and ensure it comes with a matching frame to present a seamless look. Choose the right provider to customize size to suit wall opening, and installation will be a smooth process besides adding to the value of your home.