In 2017 NFL draft, we have seen how Trubisky had taken about eight spots higher than Mahomes to become the number two pick. Mahomes had emerged as the perhaps one of the best quarterbacks ever in the history of the NFL. However, it isn’t close enough yet. To have a better understanding of the bigger picture, let’s explore things in detail.

With 10 touchdowns in two of his maiden two games, Mahomes had done it ease as like he is a master of the same for so many years now. It was really a show for the spectators. On the other hand, Trubisky seems to be one of the evolving workmen for the team. The two touchdowns he had throws picked up by Seattle Seahawks on the Monday match. In fact, the credit of victory at a margin of 24 to 17 of Chicago Bears must be more claimable by the defense and Khalil Mack.

Trubisky the thunder

There is no question that Trubisky had made some thunder plays in the match. It was simply amazing to see how he junked the defenders at the 17-yard run, which helped the Chicago set up their first touchdown. He was so comfortable and at ease on pairing with Allen Robinson II. The toss of 17 yard by tearing apart the defenders was also simply brilliant. To know more, visit Wager Bop.

Trubisky is now only 27 years of age and based on his performance, we can assume that his learning curve is comparatively steeper. Removed from the Mentor High School at Ohio, he had made some quick advantages overtime. He is now enjoying his best scripted plays in terms of runs, but tends to get troubled he needs to fall back and adapt to athleticism. However, sometimes he gets troubled with the overthrows made.

You can see that two moonballs were launched by him on 8-pass attempts. It can be also noted that when he does underthrow, the picks are not that easily happening. He seems to be well developed to a franchise quarterback, which the Bears are always longing for and never got over three decades now to get that position established.

An extra catch

Jordan Howard gets underrated – It seems that the running back of Bears is not getting as much applause he deserved even on rushing post 1100 yards in two consecutive seasons covered by him. The reason may largely be the fact that Bears were overall so bad in performance and probably he was the only thing to say about. As always, he had contributed his best even on a passing game, but wasn’t able take the team up to the next level.

However, he needs to be counted as of the most elite running back of NFL all the times. He contributed the best even on playing passing games. His performance also includes 14 carries covering 35 yards and 33 yards with 3 catches. Even if he is not getting into the final zone, Bears couldn’t have been reached to that far without him.