Stress balls are not only effective in abating stress at the workplace. The stress balls have been shown to be highly effective in different types of therapies for different age groups. The tension release when the stress ball is squeezed then released results in a significant change in the brain and the body relieving stress because of elevation of circulating endorphins in blood.


Stress ball exercises also increase blood circulation to arms keeping cells active and healthy. These and other effects of the stress balls have been utilized in therapies such as:

 Autism therapy

There is no cure for autism. However, the symptoms of this medical condition can be managed in persons with autism. In case you are wondering how autism and stress ball meet or work, then let this article give you some insights.

Autism affects the sensory system of kids as well as adults. Individuals suffering from autism have overtly sensitive sensory nerves that make them particularly oversensitive to many different things. Their sensory system is said to be unregulated and while you can regulate your sensory stimuli to touch, taste, light, noise or smells, these individuals are unable to.

To make their lives bearable, stress balls and other fidget toys are used to treat the symptoms like extreme sensitivity. A stress ball on a string distracts individuals suffering from autism, making it possible for them to concentrate.

Besides the sensory signals firing haphazardly especially when confronted with some stimuli, these individuals also suffer from extremely high anxiety levels and anything that can distract them is welcome as they will be able to concentrate on one task for some time. A stress ball therefore is an effective form of occupational therapy for persons suffering from autism.

Physical therapy

You’ve probably heard about this severally, but it is a topic worth mentioning. Physical therapies have worked with patients using stress balls and the effects of these balls on the healing journey of the patients have been impressive.

The stress ball exercises are varied but the main ones are effective in rehabilitating and strengthening hand, arm and finger muscles. The wrists are also strengthened and the whole arm including your biceps and triceps are worked on.

It is important to note that most people in physical therapy undergo some level of stress, the inability to be functional affects mental and emotional health. The stress balls work has positive effects on moods and emotions too, leaving patients feeling better about themselves as they recover from the injuries affecting their forearms.

Alcohol addiction recovery

The hardest part of being an alcoholic is the recovery time. The cravings are stronger than ever and you need a distraction before falling back to the bottle. The stress ball is effective for recovery because it relieves tension from your body, increases nervous stimulation making you feel good, improves the mood, and is a healthy distraction.

You will also have an improved circulation that aids in removing toxins accumulated in your body after years of drinking.


The stress balls are effective reflexology tools that strengthen vital body organs. These organs benefit from the deep relaxation and the strength found when the function of energy pathways is increased. Whole body relaxation and healing is felt after using the stress ball.

In conclusion, the malleable ball abates stress and helps in restoring a normal internal system. Besides exercise, anxiety disorders, physical, and dependency issues are managed.