My parents live in Greece and I work in South Africa. They shifted to Athens last year, so I recently visited to see the new house. I do not have a specific or favorite airline to travel in. I only check the seat availability as per my schedule and that is it! So, just like always, I checked the seat availability for Athens from Port Elizabeth. Only South African Airways has the seat on my desired date and time. So, without giving a second thought, I did South African Airways booking online. And you know what, it was the best travel experience I had between these two destinations. The seat was so comfortable and had ample of legroom to relax along with the armrest. Apart from this, the services offered by them were so good.


After reaching my desired destination i.e. Athens, I booked the return ticket with the same airline because of the comfort provided throughout the journey. In case you have any doubts, you can call on the South African Airways customer service phone number  +1-844-806-9125 for the right assistance and guidance. Since I was visiting Athens for the first time, I decided to explore the place. I asked some of my friends to join me. If you are also planning to visit Athens, then you should book your tickets with this airline. And to know the top destinations to visit in Athens, continue reading.


Must-Visit Places in Athens

Athens is like a symbol of Western Civilization. Birthplace of Pericles, Sophocles, and Socrates, this magnificent city flourished during conventional antiquity. But today, this city is a modern and bustling capital city of Greece and home to numerous tourist attractions. Even though I visited so many places, I am listing my top 5 picks so that you can jump-start your exploration on a happy note. Have a look:


  1.   The Acropolis

There are only a few sites in this world that can compete with the Acropolis. With Parthenon Temple on the top on rocky crags, this place is keeping a watch over centuries of civilization. Additionally, the Erechtheion and the Temple of Athena Nike are some more major attractions of this place. If you are visiting Athens during summers, it is good to come here in the morning or during sunsets.


  1.   National Archeology Museum

Founded in the nineteenth century, it is one of the largest archeological museums in Greece and one of the greatest in the world. This museum has an amazing Neoclassical building with over 8,000 square meters of space for exhibition. Here, you can see the collections of Cycladic, Neolithic, and Mycenaean periods.


  1.   The Plaka and Anafiotika

Amid the northern slopes of the Ermou Street and the Acropolis, this picturesque spot is one of the major tourist attractions. One of the main things about this place is its charming and serene village ambiance. The quarters of Plaka are lined with eye-pleasing bougainvillea-trimmed and pastel-painted shops, restaurants, and houses. This place is quite popular for the Restaurant Staircase situated on Mnisikleous Street. Here you can also find two main archeological sites – Roman Agora (of the first century) and the Library of Hadrian (from the second century).


  1.   Museum of Cycladic Art

Well! I am not an art lover but I visited this place just because of my friends. This museum was created by Dolly Goulandris and Nicholas. Artifacts displayed date back to the 6th Century BC. If you are love artwork, then it is a must-visit place for you.


  1.   Olympieion

I always wanted to visit this place. Dedicated to Zeus, it is considered as one of the largest temples in ancient Greece. The gigantic structure of this temple was a befitting shrine to Zeus – the most powerful God in Greece – also called the King of Gods. While here, you will get to listen to so many stories about this place. If you ask me, then it is a MUST MUST VISIT place in Athens.


Apart from these, I liked some more places that include the Ancient Agora, Panathenaic Stadium and Olympic Stadium, Byzantine Museum, National Gardens, and the Zappeion, and enjoy dining on the Mnisikleous Street Stairs. Simply put, I completely utilized my leaves for the first time. However, I would also like to thank Reservations Number because I used their platform to book a flight on South African Airways. And the icing on the cake is that I saved around 30% on online booking. If you need any other information like what is in the South African Airways fleet or how can I book a flight online – you can simply call the airlines for the best guidance.