Ending up with the used upholstered furniture can be a blessing or a bother depending on how you look at it. This piece will not only add elegance to your décor but be extremely functional. The upholstered sofa couches or chairs provide extremely comfortable seating and make your interiors charming. When the condition of the furniture gets degraded and the covers and the upholstery all look shabby and out of the place, then instead of buying new furniture, you can go for furniture reupholstery to save your costs and to have a good bargain.

What is Furniture Reupholstery?

It is very common process these days to get old furniture reupholstered. The piece will be stripped down and the old fabric is discarded. The frame will be then decked up with new material or fabric of your choice.

Furniture Reupholster

Are there any Risks involved in Furniture Reupholstery?

The only risk from the point of view of an owner is that you might lose your original material. Also, it depends on how you hire the professional reupholsters for the job to be done. If they do not employ the right technique in upholstering the furniture, it might wreck the entire look of the furniture.

How to decide whether to go for Furniture Reupholstery or not?

1. The first thing to question is about the history of the piece of furniture. Where did the piece come from? How old is it? This is to get down to the quality and original cost of the furniture. Also, if it has been a passed down item like a family heirloom, it might be an antique piece which is precious and not to be lost in some flea or garage sale.

2. Next thing you need to check is the actual condition of the furniture. If the wooden frame is not strong enough then reupholstery is not going to do anything good for it.

3. If you see that buying the furniture is very costly, then you can go for reupholstering your furniture. In short, if you find that the wooden and the steel frames of the sofa or the chairs are still intact, then you can easily reupholster and not buy new furniture.

How to care for the Furniture that is reupholstered?

1. It completely depends on the way you want to treat the furniture. Some people simply wish to conserve or preserve it as an antique.

2. However, if you wish to choose furniture reupholstery to simply have a makeover, then you need to invest some time in regular cleaning and maintenance. Pick a fabric that can take spills or stains and is easy to clean.

3. The first thing you come across a spill is to dab it with a tissue paper or dry cleaning cloth immediately. Proceed only if you feel that you can take care of it. Otherwise, the safest bet is to call in a professional cleaner.

4. The best thing to do during furniture reupholstery is to choose natural fibers as they give the right look. However, the fabric is the most vulnerable part of any furniture. If you have small kids or pets, then you need to be extra cautious about your newly reupholstered furniture. Go for the synthetic fabrics that will serve you well for everyday heavy usage.

5. If you are planning to place the upholstered furniture outdoors then you will have to engage in some extra time in maintenance. There will be climate, dust, rodents etc that you will have to deal with.
There are different companies available in the markets, who conduct furniture reupholstery. For that you can surely search online and decide about the reupholstering prices accordingly.

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