Keeping overhead low is a critical goal for any business owner. However, there are instances when it is essential to spend money in order to enjoy other financial benefits. In the case of a commercial security system, you may need to pay money to install the system, and you may also have to pay recurring monitoring fees. At first glance, a commercial security system may seem to be cost-prohibitive. With a closer look, you will see that there are substantial financial benefits associated with making this investment. In fact, you may not be able to afford to do business without a monitored security system.


Prevent Employee Theft

You may have carefully selected each employee on your team, and you may hope that you can trust them to make good decisions that are in the best interest of the company. Nonetheless, employee theft is common, and you simply never know who may steal from your company or when it may happen. Remember that some employees may continue to steal from your business for months or even years, and this can cause staggering financial loss over time. You may be able to deter this type of activity when you have a commercial security system with remote video monitoring capabilities.


Reduce the Risk of Property Damage

Both employees and random criminals can cause property damage as well. This may include damaged equipment and machines, broken windows and many other types of property damage caused by disgruntled employees, criminals breaking into the property and others. The cost to repair damage or replace machines and other components can be astronomical in some cases. An alarm system may deter some of these actions. If you have a system with video recording capabilities, monitored security cameras may be a godsend. With the right camera coverage, you may even be able to identify the perpetrators and seek compensation through the court system.


Decrease the Likelihood of Having to Pay Your Insurance Deductible

With many types of theft and vandalism events, you may need to file a property insurance claim to receive compensation for repair work, lost revenue and more. While your insurance company may pay for most of the damages and losses that your business sustains, you typically still need to pay your insurance deductible. Each separate claim requires you to pay the deductible again. As you might imagine, this cost can add up to a considerable amount of money over time, and this is money that you typically may not have planned to spend when you prepared your business budget. When you deter crime with a commercial security system, you may be able to avoid this expense and better manage your budget.


Save Money on Property Insurance Premiums

Because a commercial alarm system may deter crime and may prevent the need to file insurance claims in the years to come, some property insurance companies offer a sizable discount for insured parties that have a monitored alarm system. You may need to prove that your system is monitored each year to continue to receive the discount. This is a small price to pay in order to save money on your recurring property insurance premium. You can shop around to find an insurance company that offers this type of discount on a commercial property insurance policy.


Because many of the financial savings associated with using a monitored commercial alarm system related to avoided expenses, it can be difficult to place a firm figure on the amount of money that you may save. Additional savings may be related to using a system with remote video monitoring capabilities. However, if you estimate your potential loss related to even a single criminal event on your property each year, you can see that it is very cost-effective to invest in a security system.