The recent outbreak of pandemic has put the entire world on hold! But some things can’t be delayed for long. Like, moving to a new location or house when your lease expired. It was totally impossible for you to move to a new place during the lockdown in your country. But now that the state has eased off lockdown restrictions, it’s time for you to finally pack your bags and take off to your new home. However, remember that though the lockdown has eased, but the threat of Covid 19 still prevails, and everything you do should be safe considering this lurking danger.

How to Shift to Your New Home Safely During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

You’ll get people advising you to not to hire any help during the coronavirus outbreak to maintain maximum social distance. But we know how tough moving a house is and you’ll have a truck full of luggage which couldn’t possibly be transferred to a new destination all by yourself. Thank God that there are house movers in Auckland like Trust Movers who ensure maximum safety and least expense when packing your stuff and moving it to your new house. You should also follow the below listed safety precautions for a hygienic and better home shifting amidst the global pandemic!

  • Sanitise your new home and old luggage This pandemic taught us that infection can be anywhere. And to stay safe from these germs, you need to ensure that everything is washed and sanitised. Check your new home and get it cleaned and sanitised before the moving day. That’s not enough! You need to sanitise each and every item (that was kept open) in your home to ensure maximum safety and hygiene. Even the packaging items you are using should be bought from the sources who guarantee maximum cleanliness about the stuff.
  • Confirm the safety precautions with the packers and movers You will obviously require men to carry and transport your furniture to your new home. You will also need them to pack your stuff and load it in the truck. It’s natural that they will visit your home for the task. Always call the packers and movers personally and ask them about the health and hygiene of their staff. Also, the least number of men come to your place, the better! (Better be slow and maintain social distancing than risk your life in a hurry!)
  • Keep sanitisers at disposal It’s understood that both the men at work and you will be constantly going in and out of the house to pack the luggage and load it! The chances of acquiring germs in this task are the highest! Keep sanitisers at your disposal and ensure every one of you is using it frequently to stay safer and maintain maximum hygiene.
  • Personal safety is important too Amidst the chaos of shifting and moving and taking care of proper social distancing rules, don’t forget personal cleanliness, hygiene, and safety. Wear your mask and gloves while working and ensure that everyone is following the same.

Moving during a corona outbreak can be a daunting task and even the fear level is high! That is why stay safe as much as you can!!