A fortune! That is what it can cost these days to set up a successful business. So why endanger this expensive investment by ignoring the security measures you need to keep your business safe? Of course, smart business people don’t. They protect their investment by using the following three phenomenal strategies. Read on to find out more.

Security awareness and training

Sometimes, all that is needed to help better protect your business is a little staff awareness and education. That is why it’s vital to get all member of staff up to speed with any security risks, physical and virtual that could cause your business to problems.

To do this, it can be really helpful to provide security training for your employees. As well as make these issues, relevant to the staff members involved. So, instead of only talking about the loss of revenue caused by a break in from leaving windows and door unlock, it can help to frame it in terms that directly affect the people responsible for it. Such as the days of wages they will miss if they get sent home so the police can investigate. In this way, you can encourage a little-added awareness in everyone, that will help to minimize any security threats going forward.

Security alarms

Having your premises alarmed is something else you should definitely consider to protect your investment. This is because it works to secure your premises on three levels. The first is that it will deter any break-ins or thieves because it makes it that little bit harder to get in and out without being seen. Something they will not want to risk, as everyone knows that most burglars are looking for easy prey.

The second is that if you have your alarm monitored by a professional security company, you have the peace of mind that they will be able to respond quickly and efficiently instead of sending one of your employees into a potentially dangerous situation. Lastly, having an alarm system is also something that is looked upon favorably by insurance companies, lowering your premiums while still providing extra protection. Making alarms an essential security strategy for keeping your business secure.


Additionally, you may wish to consider CCTV on your premises to help you protect your business investment.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) works by filming key areas of your property to deter wrongdoing that can threaten your investment by outsiders and, in some cases your own staff. Key areas for CCTV placement include entrances and exits, accessible windows, by the till or other areas primarily used for handling money. As well as in back rooms, that are not frequented often. Where valuables are stored.

You can run the system yourself in-house, or you can use a professional monitoring firm to keep an eye on things for you. Taking the stress of this additional task off of your hands.

The best thing about CCTV is that it provides evidence that can be used to investigate, find, and prosecute the guilty party if an incident does occur. Ensuring those that threaten your business investment are brought to justice.