Buying a home and getting everything moved in takes some time, but the work isn’t done after that. You still need to take steps to protect your new place. Homeowner’s insurance can cover your costs if a break-in occurs, but it’s better to avoid that in the first place. To get your home as secure as possible, here are a few important tips.

Install a Home Security System

There’s no substitute for a home security system. Once you have one installed, anyone who accesses your home will need to punch in the security code. Otherwise, the alarm will go off and your home security company will notify law enforcement of a possible break-in. This will scare off most criminals before they steal anything. A camera doorbell is a common addition to a home security system, and with that technology you can see anyone who comes up to your door.

You can also deter criminals by putting up a sign stating that your home has a security system. Go with a generic sign that doesn’t mention the name of the security company, though. It’s not smart to provide criminals with any information about your security system, including the provider.

Keep Your Valuables Concealed

Criminals are looking for two things—a home that’s an easy target and plenty of valuable items they can steal. You don’t need to hide everything you own, but you should use discretion regarding what you leave out for anyone to see.

If you drive a nice car, clear some space in the garage to park it there. Make sure you also keep your garage door closed throughout the day. Don’t leave your curtains wide open, especially when you’re not home. You don’t want anyone peering in and seeing your TV, computer or other valuable possessions.

Set up a Smart Home

With a smart home, you can control different parts of your home remotely from a smartphone app. For example, you could adjust the thermostat, ensuring that your home is at the right temperature when you get home. You could also turn lights, electronic devices and much more on and off.

The great thing about a smart home from a security standpoint is that you can make it look like someone is home even when that’s not the case. Criminals would always prefer to hit a home with no one in it.

Upgrade the Locks

Locks are one area where many homes are lacking, because these don’t get upgraded often. If there are any doors on your home that don’t have a deadbolt, install that to make it harder to kick the door in. Another option is keyless locks, which you open either through a smartphone app or by entering a code. Not only can no one pick the lock this way, but you don’t need to worry about losing your house key anymore. Just make sure that you lock every door and window before you leave your house each day, as this is a common oversight that leads to break-ins.

Talk to Your Neighbors

Burglaries are less common in close-knit neighborhoods, and the main reason for that is because everyone in the neighborhood looks out for each other. You don’t need to be best friends with all your neighbors, but it’s good to be on a first-name basis with them.

When you and your neighbors know each other, they’ll be more likely to notice if someone suspicious is going on at your place, and they can let you know about it.

Home security doesn’t need to be something you obsess over. All you need to do is get your home setup properly and follow a few good habits to make your place a much tougher target.