Working women are seen to be procrastinated when it comes to healthy lifestyle plan. Working women are busy managing office work and household chores so much that they keep their health at stake. A simple and healthy diet works for all types of women from working to menopausal women. However, the eating standards also rely on age and lifestyle. Following a diet plan seems boring and monotonous to everyone. Nutritionists recommends to adapt eating healthy as a lifestyle instead of sticking to a diet chart. None of the foods can alone make you go on unhealthy or unfit side rather culprit is the combination and quantity. Working or non-working, young or old age, women in each group requires a safe and healthy life. Here I am, with a non-monotonous, unique, and interesting plan for a healthy life.

1.First is consume food at proper time:

Working women should consume their breakfast before 8am, lunch by 2 pm, evening snack by 4.30 pm, and dinner by 8.30pm. Eating on proper time enhances the metabolic rate, cut down overeating, and stop cravings. One more advantage is it stops in between snack eating. Additionally, proper schedule aids in weight loss, stops bloating and gastrointestinal problems. One should eat at regular intervals instead of hogging up at once. Researches show food divided in to short intervals is best for the a safe and healthy life.

2.Second is the desired quantity:

Many working women skip one meal in a day. They seem to skip breakfast most of the time. As per Nutritionists, to have a safe and healthy life breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Working women should have breakfast like a king, lunch like a princess, and dine like a pauper. One should always avoid overeating at any time. Controlling the portion is a good habit. Following quantities are best for a healthy life:
Breakfast: Quantity of breakfast should be lavish enough to keep you energised for the full day. A breakfast rich in protein, fats, fruits, and a vegetable smoothie is best. All the essential nutrients and mineral should be there in breakfast to give a health and safe start.
Lunch: It should comprise of vegetable stir fried or cooked in a curry, salad, wheat products like whole grain bread or chapattis. Lunch should be fibrous enough to boost up your digestion level.
Snack: it can be a cup of coffee, a bowl of fruits, an energy bar, or two cookies. Last meal is the dinner which should be the lightest meal of the day.
Dinner: one can take soup, any vegetable salad, or a glass of vegetable smoothie. It should be as light as possible to allow it to digest easily.

3.Limit Starch:

Carbohydrates are to be taken as a part of healthy meal. However, the starchy carbohydrates like the bread, pasta, and rice are to be taken in optimal quantities. Starchy carbohydrates interrupt the blood glucose level, prompting to weight gain. Increase in weight is a risk for other diseases too so is best to be avoided. Even their digestion is difficult and time taking. Women should choose their carbohydrate from vegetables instead to gain a safe and healthy life. 

4.Consume protein rich snacks:

Protein is a power house nutrient for a safe and healthy life. Excellent sources of protein include beans, chick pea, green pea, quinoa, chicken, egg etc. Protein provides the body with lot of energy to maintain a healthy life. Additionally, protein builds muscles that makes the bod slim and fit. A working women should consume heavy amounts of protein as to be high on energy levels.

5.Keep the cravings at bay:

Safe and healthy life motto can only be achieved by cutting down the cravings. Its all easy to reach for a sugary snack when you are at the desk and need a little something to keep you focused. Usually, the cravings are sugary and snacky. This is why it is best to be avoided. These kind of blunt cravings are specially seen in working women. Grabbing a chips packet, a cookie, a chocolate, tangy snacks etc. are to be restricted to reduce the extra calories. Instead healthy snacks like a handful of nuts, a sweet fruit, an energy bar, a carton of natural yoghurt are better options. They are easy on calories and successful in keeping the sugar devil at bay. For a healthy life say no to cravings.

6.Plan Ahead:

Planning and plotting of food is a key to safe life. If you are a working women, I am sure half the time you rely on outside food. To avoid this, plan ahead. Take sometime, from a busy weekend, head to the grocery story, buy off healthy fruits and vegetables. Prepare separate packets of lunch and snack at one go, grab it before heading to office. Take a help on weekends to prepare the whole slot of lunch and snack boxes and refrigerate them This not only stops your habit of eating outside but all diminishes the morning worry. Planning ahead is the soul secret of health and safe life for a working women. 

7.Fitness regime:

I know it’s difficult for a working women to follow a fitness regimen, but once it becomes a habit its easy. As per the researches a women should exercise 5 times a week or 250 minutes in a week. Healthy food along with an exercise routine can give you a healthy and safe life. Go for yoga, aerobics, strength training, zumba or any sort of exercise. Finding 30 minutes in a day is not difficult if you wish to. They increase your energy level, strength level, and even prevents your body from getting old. Exercises make you a healthy and fit life. Try to inculcate them as an essential part of healthy life style. In the initial stage you will find it difficult, but once you start you will never stop.