Body shaming is one of the worst things that most of us have to face daily. People are always up for commenting on others body shape and sizes, especially on those people who have obesity. It is one of the reasons why plus-sized women depressed. Every size is beautiful but there are few ways by which the looks can be enhanced. Plus size girls can find varieties of plus size dresses online to choose from. Instead of sitting back at home, it’s time for all the plus size girls to choose the right outfit. Wondering how to choose a dress to cover those bulges? Well, there are certain tricks to play in this case.

Must-Follow Rules to Buy the Right Plus Size Outfit:

Different people have different shapes. After all, it is something that makes us unique from the others. Some may be pear-shaped, apple-shaped, hourglass and rectangle-shaped. Which size is considered as plus size? Plus size is the size which is larger than normal size. Plus sizes are considered as size 8 or above. Here mentioned are few tips and tricks to buy the right plus size dresses online:

Rule 1: Never choose white outfits- Light colours are considered as the biggest enemies of plus-size people. This is because light shades tend to open up the bulges and curves. However, one can always choose light-coloured plus size dresses which are designed with best quality fabric. Choosing the right fabric is very important. Avoid any light fabrics that tend to highlight the bulges. When shopping for plus size dresses online, choose a fabric that has proper thickness with structure and substance. This is to ensure that whenever you are exposed to the sunlight, the extra bulge shouldn’t be visible.

Rule 2: Avoid prints and bright colours- One can play with different colour combinations as long as it suits the colour complexion. For example, a yellow or a red colour outfit can suit you if the fittings and the cut are proper. When buying plus size dresses online, make sure that the prints you choose should not be too big or too small. The bigger prints tend to look disproportionate if the body scale is not measured properly.  If a woman with bigger size opts for smaller prints, she might look very awkward.

Rule 3: Choose monochrome- Monochromes can do wonders by giving a slender and slim appearance. Monochromes create a continual look but one has to be picky when choosing the colours. This is because a random colour may destroy the look. Play with different varieties and fabrics to avoid this problem. Opt for chiffon fabric and pair it up with colourful bracelets or vanity bags. You can search for some black plus size dresses online. Black can easily hide your extra fat and you can flaunt your figure with some deep cuts.

Rule 4: Do not follow the trend unnecessarily- Just because others are wearing something new and trendy shouldn’t mean that you will be doing the same. Choose a trend for yourself that suits your complexion and body type. The trend should match your shape and size.  For example, crop tops and hot pants are very trendy and almost all the college girls love to wear them during summers. But if you are plus size women, do not even think of buying crop tops. You must choose something comfortable, and such tops can expose your body.

Follow these simple tips and tricks for buying the best plus size dresses online. You can look good in almost every outfit if you are confident and comfortable with your body shape.