Camping is an adventure enjoyed by people of all ages. Spending time in the great outdoors invigorates the body and restores the soul. Whether you prefer the socializing opportunities of a lively campground or the challenge of roughing it in the outback, there are a few innovative items that will make your adventure safer and much more pleasant. Camping isn’t for everyone, but with these gear suggestions you’re bound to gather a few city-slickers for your next overnight adventure.

Stay Connected

One of the main reasons people go camping is to get away from the daily grind. Carrying your phone might make you feel as though you are bringing the office with you, but having a working cell phone is essential should you have an emergency or get lost in the woods.

The ideal phone charger to take camping, such as like this one from Etoncorp, will convert solar power and also have a crank that you can turn by hand to generate energy at need. Find one that has a radio and flashlight built in, and you have an outback device worth its space in your backpack.

Remain Civilized in the Wilderness

Camping often involves vigorous activities like hiking and chopping wood, making the ability to take a shower more of a must-have than a convenience. Portable camp showers have been around a while, but their bulky and often flimsy construction prove problematic in the back country. Recent innovations have made the truly portable, pocket-sized shower bag a reality, like the Sea to Summit Pocket Shower available through Sportsman’s Warehouse. Fill the bag with water, have a nice shower, then fold it into its carrying case and slip it into your pocket.

It Isn’t Just Bears That Go in the Woods

Your camping call of nature requires a sanitary solution that preserves the pristine wilderness while also preserving your dignity. Camp toilets have come a long way, and Blackpine Sports carries the latest design in this most necessary camping convenience. Their pop-up toilet is lightweight and portable. The sanitary liners have a two-liter capacity with odor control packets that turn liquid waste to gel, making disposal efficient and convenient. These toilets are also great for emergency preparedness, offering one less thing to worry about if the power fails.

Help Prevent Forest Fires

The Campfire Defender heat-resistant campfire cover lets you enjoy a cozy fire while containing dangerous sparks. Designed to allow you to control airflow, you can open the vent to roast your marshmallows then close it to safely keep the coals glowing throughout the night. Most forest fires start from a campfire that wasn’t properly put out. Carefully tend yours and spend a sufficient amount of time putting it out before your leave your site. Even warm coals can turn into a big hazard.

The camping gear you choose to bring will either make or break your adventure. As you say goodbye to the consuming life of civilization for a relaxing weekend, you don’t have to sacrifice modern conveniences for an enjoyable time. For your next camping trip, be sure to bring those essentials that you should never do without. Maybe you’ll even convince your anti-camping friends to finally join you!