Your home is not safe without installing a proper gate. With the help of a study and well-built gate, you’ll not be able to safeguard your property and family members from trespassers but also have peace of mind regarding the same as well. When you invest in installing a gate, you need to make sure that it will be powerful and durable enough to last you at least for some time. Furthermore, the process of installing gates in the right manner also counts because wrongly installing them can lead to increased vulnerability.

In case you’re planning to install new gates for your home with the help of residential gates in Perth services, then you’ll also need to ensure that you don’t encounter the following mistakes. 

Major Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Residential Gates

  • Installing Closer To The Road

When your residential fence or property wall is near to the main road, you need to ensure that the gate needs to be placed in such a way that you can improve the safety. In an ideal condition, there should be a buffer or gap between the property wall or fence and the actual road, so that the gate could be opened and closed (in either one side or both sides) without being a massive hindrance to the incoming traffic on the roads. 

This move is very important especially when you own a car or a vehicle and you’ll be trying to move the vehicle through the gate and then park it off to the road. Keeping these situations in mind, you shouldn’t install a gate that opens up to a bend in regards to the main road because then the incoming traffic will not be aware of you and vehicle coming through.

This problem can easily be mitigated if the gate is installed in such a way that it will only open at 90 degrees angle – thereby alerting the incoming traffic that the gate is open and they should be cautious. It’s all about road visibility.

  • Installing A Small Sized Gate

If you end up choosing the right gate size for your home and needs, it will help you relieve a lot of headaches later down in the future. If the gate is only going to be used for foot traffic, then it should be around 4 – 6 feet wide, which will be enough to accommodate a lawn-mower. 

But, on the other hand, if you want to pass large vehicles or even cars through your gate, then you need to install gates that are more than 12 feet in width. You need to talk with professional gate installation companies to get the perfect size suggestions. 

  • Using Gates Made From Poor Quality Materials

Since your gate will be used more than your property wall or fence, you need to ensure that you don’t skimp on the actual quality of the gate. If you want durability for the longest time, you should not be skimping on the main ingredient that is used in manufacturing the gate. 

  • Installing In A Muddy Area

Since your gate has to deal with a lot of footfall and traffic, you need to ensure that the place where it’s installed is not a muddy area by any means. You have to choose a spot that has a decent drainage system and the ground-level of that area should be higher than the surrounding areas as well. 

Another caution that should be practised that the gates should not be placed on a slope because due to constant erosion and traffic, the area level will start to decrease over time.

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