A women using fitness tracker

Role of Fitness Trackers And Wearables In Modern World

Lacking enough motivation to go to the gym and do exercises?

Don’t worry; you’re not alone! Even though we understand the significance of fitness and mental health today, most of us are reluctant to work on it. With all the busy work schedules and spending quality time with the family, we find little to no time to keep a check on our physical fitness. That’s when these trackers and wearables come into play!

“How in the world could a tiny tracker aid in physical fitness?” you may ask. Well, that is by providing you with the motivation to work towards fitness.

What are Fitness Trackers?

Have you ever travelled to an unknown city? Did you know all the places and routes there?

You might have used some help from the locals. But if you are familiar with the technology, you might have used the map application from your phone that tracks your location and the location of your destinations and finds the best way to reach there.

Fitness trackers work precisely the same way. These trackers track your daily physical activities, collect data on your health and fitness (number of steps, calories burnt, heart rate, etc.), suggest some exercise, and give you fitness goals. Thus, they will aid you with a map to fitness and motivate you by tracking your daily achievements to keep going.

Do They Really Worth the Money?

“Why spend so much on a band just for motivation?” you may think. But trust me, fitness trackers are worth it. They aid in many ways that force you to work on your fitness and health.

Tracking the progress

Your fitness tracker tracks all your exercises keeps a record and gives you goals. You get regular reminders to complete your everyday goals. So, you have no excuses to give to yourself for not exercising.

A Personal Trainer

A tracker gives you tips and exercises to improve your fitness. So, don’t worry if you don’t have a professional fitness trainer. Your fitness tracker will aid you with that.

Health Monitor

You can now understand and monitor your own health. A tracker monitors your heart rate and records it. You can see the calories burnt and steps and distance covered on your tracker. This allows you to prepare a suitable diet plan for yourself and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Once you invest the money, these devices will return a lot healthier days to you. That brings us to our next question:

Which One Do You Need?

Even though there are trackers with multiple features in the market, there are 3 basic types:

  • Trackers with Heart Rate Monitoring aid you track your heart rate and finding out your daily calories burnt along with tracking your steps. They come with advanced health monitoring features.

Honor watch ES has 95 workout modes. So, if you want to track your exercises, this is one of the best options you have for your physical fitness. It has stress, sleep and heart rate monitoring features.

You can also check out the Mi smart band that comes with a heart rate monitor and 30 fitness modes.

  • Trackers with Heart Rate Monitoring and GPS have all the features as the latter. But adding to it, they can track your position with the aid of GPS. This is primarily helpful for cyclists.

If you are an iPhone user, the Apple watch series 7 is an excellent pick for you. Along with monitoring heart rate and tracking the calories burnt, it comes with an electrical heart sensor and ECG app and a blood oxygen level sensor and app. For a healthy and active lifestyle, it also includes the mindfulness app that suggests exercises to the users. The fall detection app initiates a call to emergency service. It comes with 14 main outdoor workout modes, including running, swimming, cycling, dancing, paddling and more.

You can also check out the Fitbit Sense that comes with health monitoring sensors and many fitness modes from walking to kickboxing.

  • Basic Trackers can count the number of steps and distance travelled. They are very basic and best for tracking distance-based activities like walking, jogging, and running.

Xiaomi Mi band 6 tracks up to 30 physical activities, including walking, running, cycling, kickboxing, and more.


Gone are the times when fitness is for those who wish for toned muscles. Today, we know that physical fitness is a key to a healthy lifestyle. So, whether you own a fitness tracker or not, do not miss your exercise sessions. These trackers can only motivate you or aid you by reminding you about your exercise goals. But in the end, the ball is in your court. You have to work to make your life healthier and happier.

Happy Exercising!