Audio Visual Equipment refers to the availability of both Audio and Visual capabilities in one equipment, for instance, Television, Smartphone, Projectors, Video Cameras, etc. Audio Visual Equipment makes the communication of ideas possible from point A to Point B. Now because communication becomes more effective if it is intended for more than one sense of the body. Thus, Audio Visual Communication using Audio Visual Means is the most effective means of communication and is most impactful of all.

Types of Audio Visual Communication:

Audio visual equipment can be broadly categorized in two categories:

Residential Audio Visual Equipment:

Residential audio visual equipment refers to audio visual equipment used at homes such as TVs, projectors, Flat Screens, computers, etc. Residential audio visual equipment is most commonly used for entertainment purposes, which may include, watching movies, listening to music, playing video games, working on personal computers, watching seminars or other important videos on the internet by using a computer along with headphones. Additionally, the computer can be used for communication with near and dear ones using VOIP applications.

Commercial Audio Visual Equipment:

A wide range of audio visual equipment is pooled together to achieve business efficiency. Audio visual equipments are used in a variety of industries such as Business, Education, Government Institutions, Amusement parks, Entertainment industry, amusement parks, Restaurants, Movie theaters etc. Audio visual equipment are majorly used in these places for Video, Web and information conferencing purposes. These aids are used for corporate events and programs, where they are used quite seamlessly. In the education field, audio visual aids are used for imparting education in an effective manner.

In the education field, audio visual aid is used for lectures, educational slides presentation, educational videos, etc. The entertainment industry makes the most expansive use of audio visual aids. They make use of this equipment for audio and visual capturing. They are used for sound editing as well as sound creation.

In the defense department, audio visual aids are used for surveillance and monitoring resources as well as monitoring the activities of enemies.

Top 5 Audio Visual Equipment:

#1. Video camera:  A Camera is an equipment used for capturing moving pictures and is capable of processing them together so that when played together, it gives the illusion of a moving picture. They are used mainly for Motion picture production.

#2. Computer based display: It refers to the facility of high quality display. In this process, a computer system is used for assistance and it may allow audio features with it.

#3. Video projectors: Video projectors are trending equipment used for displaying video on to a far screen or a wall or any other such desired location. It is used generally in combination with a computer system and can display anything from an image to a video on to a screen.

#4. Video Wall: A video wall is a sophisticated system used for displaying images or videos on a large scale. For this purpose, multiple LCD, or computer or projector screens are attached together on a wall in the form of titles with little to no gap in between. There has to be a special configuration to be done that allows a continuous, seamless image shown on all screens.

#5. Microphones: Microphones are used for gathering audio input and then either storing it on a device or combining it with a video and displaying it on a screen or it may be just broadcasted through speakers, such as in the case of a speaker giving a speech.

In a nutshell, these along with many other audiovisual devices have made life quite easy for people and have allowed uninterrupted and easy communication between people and easy task.